Friday, March 24, 2006

Blog roundup: Secret abortions for British schoolgirls, etc.

Turkey Farm Tales: Schools to Broker Abortions
"Another booklet, described as a resource pack for school nurses, suggests they 'support young women to access services to make timely choices about emergency contraception, pregnancy or abortion'.'

Ah, yes! Now British parents will get to experience the same joy American parents get to enjoy: the unexpected phone call telling you that the daughter you sent to school healthy is now fighting for her life at a hospital because some school employee figured they loved her more than you do. See also:

  • Big Brother vs. Erin's Mom
  • Mother Not Told of Thirteen-Year Old's Abortion


    Vision Tennessee makes Planned Parenthood's alarm network available for those who actually prefer a happy mom cuddling a live baby to a weeping mom regretting a dead fetus.


    And Vital Signs Blog summarizes the latest Zogby poll. Abortionists' Rights evidently are not as popular with voters as hardcore Democratic leaders wish they were. Fancy that! Even prochoice Democrats think that women are entitled to information, and parents ought to be involved in kids' lives!
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