Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blog roundup

asexualashley evidently worries a lot about the ramifications of sex a lot for somebody who's asexual:
everyone needs to write to their representatives and let them know that a ban on abortion is jeopardizing the basic reproductive rights of women and taking away the right to choose - a freedom i am very proud to have, thank you. the dominoes are falling people. first south dakota, now mississippi.

Ooooh! Scary! To think -- some women don't love abortion as much as the enlightened New York and West Coast types! Perish the thought that in some states, women actually prefer live babies to dead fetuses!

Nevertheless, everybody, regardless of their degree of enthusiasm for abortion, needs must write and voice support for fetus-slaughter!

Seems asexualashley doesn't even want to let others have a choice of opinions, much less a choice to give birth rather than get scraped out!


Breathingroom lovesWomen's Bodies, Women's Wisdom:
She writes:
"When a woman chooses to have an abortion on behalf of her self and her own life, she is swimming against a five-thousand-year-old tide of conditioning, of social agendas propounded by churches and other male-dominated institutions, that say that woman's primary purpose is to have children and serve her children and her husband. Allowing women to choose the course of their own lives goes very deeply against a very old grain."

Later, she asks,
"Can you reframe the abortion in your mind as an act of courage - an act of reclaiming your power? For some women, the choice of an abortion is a celebration on behalf of self."

I guess I should have warned you to have an emesis basin handy. So much for the old prochoice canard that no woman has any actual enthusiasm for abortion. Oh, no! They only do it as an act of need!!! They NEEEEEEED to "celebrate" their selves.

Got a serious "ick factor" going there.

And in case you thought this was the most putrid argument that could possibly be put forth to celebrate fetus-slaughter, she has yet another post:
"Abortion deliberately ends one potential life. But not allowing an abortion potentially murders two lives. The bond between mother and child is the most intimate bond in human experience. In this most primary of human relationships, love, welcome, and receptivity should be present in abundance. Forcing a woman a woman to bear and raise a child against her will is therefore an act of violence. It constricts and degrades the mother-child bond and sows the seeds of hatred rather than love."

Gosh, what greater violence can you do to the mother-child bond than to allow the fetus to gestate? Everybody just knows that abortion sanctifies the mother-child bond!

Do you need drugs to have thoughts this addle-pated, or is mere feminazi indoctrination sufficient? I swear, this must be the deranged result of a really bad acid trip. I've heard stoners put forth theories with more solid intellectual underpinning. I myself took an exchange between Robin Hood and Friar Tuck from Howard Pyle's The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood as an example of non-Euclidian geometry in my undergrad days -- and that was a cutting-edge example of clarity of thought compared to the tripe this woman is spouting.

Tell me it's drugs. Because I'd hate to think that some people are this muddled when their minds are as clear as they ever get.

And it's contageous! The tao of kat posts the same drivel. Verbatim.


We have more of the typical Oh I'll never go to nasty old South Dakota as long as I live posts. As if you'd ever go there anyway! People who love abortion that much aren't big on Mt. Rushmore. And the badlands are far too devoid of cavorting Wiccans to please the likes of y'all. Stick on the coasts, where everybody you know thinks just like you and you don't need to ever have your assumptions challenged.


Let's take a break from the logic-impaired, shall we? Right-Wing Nation supplies a burst of common sense:
All you liberals out there! You're fond of content-free little soundbytes that you can put on your protest signs, but stop trying to use them as arguments. They're not. ....

His first example:
It's not a child!

Then what is it? A cheetoh? A grape? A penguin? Of course it's a child, and calling it a fetus doesn't change that. Drop this, because this is the number one, most idiotic Leftist Screaming Point. If you want to make a case for abortion, fine, but this is not even a point worth consideration.

I remember the Lefties used to go to protest at a pigeon-shoot. I proposed a simple solution: Change the name of the event to the "Fetus Shoot." Attach the name "fetus" to the targets, and no amount of preening, cooing, or flapping would enable the Loony Lefties to see a pigeon.


Fresh, new thoughts come out of Trad/Con Musings:
Who is Betsey Kaufman? What was her job, and with whom did she fight?

Betsey Kaufman kills babies. Not directly, mind you. Only indirectly, from behind her desk or from a speaker's podium, but she does so defiantly and proudly. Betsey Kaufman for eighteen years was CEO of Planned Parenthood of Cleveland, an abortion mill.

I would never have heard of the courageous Betsey, and would never have had the opportunity to share with you my admiration for her, except for a column by the sycophantic Ms Schultz. Think you that "sycophantic" is too strong?

Read it yourself. If you're in the mood for a feisty skewering.

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