Monday, March 13, 2006

Somebody was looking for "a woman's choice clinic in miami"

And somebody else was just looking for abortion clinics in Miami, period.

I don't have anything about A Woman's Choice. But I have lots on other Miami abortion facilities.

The most infamous Miami abortion clinic was Dadeland, run by Betty Eason and her felonious children. Ellen Williams underwent her fatal abortion there. She was given tea and sympathy when she needed intensive care for peritonitis.

Another Miami abortion clinic was run by erstwhile criminal abortionist Luis Barquet.

Ruth Montero, Myrta Baptiste, Maura Morales, and Shirley Payne all died at the same Miami abortion clinic.

Nabil Ghali ran his filthy Blue Coral abortion mill -- a place so dirty inspectors had to go next door to wash their hands -- in Miami.

Carolina Gutierrez suffered a septic abortion at Maber Medical Center in Miami; she died despite amputations to try to halt the gangrene that was attacking her limbs.

Cycloria Vangates died after an abortion performed in Miami.

Ladies First Medical Center, another filthy mill, was in Miami.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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