Friday, March 24, 2006

Paul Harvey displays ignorance

Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease: Stem Cell Heart Therapy Featured on the Paul Harvey 'Noon News' Show

In his commentary on Don Ho's recent treatment using adult stem-cells, Harvey said:
Don Ho ... heard of stem cell research which promised to rejuvenate ailing hearts, to rejuvenate heart muscle with injections of stem cells culled from the patient’s own blood.

But that’s a procedure not allowed in the United States, where stem cell research is limited by religious constraint.

Can he be this ignorant? It's the very "religious" folks in the US who are pushing for adult stem-cell research! I have no clue why this guy can't do his stem-cell treatments in the US, but it has zilch to do with any opposition from anybody "religious", unless the "religion" in question is abortion.

I mean, 10 out of 10 for pointing out that Don Ho is getting well thanks to stem-cell treatment. But minus several million for the mean-spirited and needless slander of those of us who are, after all, the strongest backers of this sort of treatment -- adult stem-cell treatment!

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