Saturday, March 11, 2006

Go read The Raving Atheist's guest post at Dawn Patrol!

Thou Shalt Not Not Kill is a guest post by The Raving Atheist over at The Dawn Patrol. It's a must-read for any believer of any faith, or for unbelievers or non-believers who want a chance to poke fun at the ostensibly religious.

I'll give you just a teaser:
What best fulfills "the central Biblical imperative to love and render justice to one's neighbor"? Abortion -- at least according to the scriptures unearthed this week by a clergy task force assembled by Planned Parenthood of New York City. The sacred text, Reproductive Justice in a Just Society, is dedicated to a rabbi who passed away last summer while presumably transcribing it from on high. Judging from the stench of death that permeates the document, they may have forgotten to remove his body from the committee room.

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