Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pray that this woman gets real help

Lilith: True Abortion Stories: PETRA
Petra has a medical condition. Her heart was severely damaged after her last delivery, and her life would be in danger if she carried another pregnancy to term. .... Her heart is still monitored very closely and she uses Medicaid for all her medical needs.

.... "This is clearly an example of maternal health," I thought, as I began asking Petra more questions. I told her that Medicaid would pay for her abortion if her doctor signed a form that explained the abortion was necessary to preserve her life. ....

She knew, but the clinic she was working with still won't accept the Medicaid. "We are stuck between a rock and a hard place," they told her. This particular clinic had NEVER been paid back from the state for the abortions they had performed, so they did not want to accept Medicaid anymore.

1. If the staff at these abortion facilities love women so much, why not do the less than 3% of abortions that are for maternal indications for free?
2. Why abortion? Isn't there a high-risk ob/gyn in the area who will care for mother and baby?

I'd ask how to reach the woman to try to get her a good high-risk ob/gyn and a cardiologist that will work with her, but since the goal of the site is to get funds to make sure that abortions happen, they're not about to facilitate anything that doesn't produce a dead fetus.

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