Sunday, March 19, 2006

Updated Who's Who, and added David Sopher

I've updated the Who's Who page, and added an entry on Dr. David Sopher, the British abortionist who invented the Sopher forceps.

Look at the picture. Those are medical instruments invented for the express purpose of taking apart a second-trimester baby in-utero, by a guy with so much experience doing so that he decided he needed a specialized tool for doing the job. I think that's something even prochoicers gotta find a tad creepy. What thought process went into inventing these things? "Gosh, they wriggle their little legs right out of these forceps! I need something with a serrated head that they can't squirm out of."

I'm currently reading Bernard Nathanson's The Hand of God, and will be adding pages to the RealChoice web site as I find interesting tidbits, such as Nathanson's recounting of one of Sopher's marathon late abortion sessions.

And I'm open to suggestions for folks to add to Who's Who. Please give me a name and a URL.

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