Saturday, March 11, 2006

Some people just can't cope

We've got two great blog entries today about them scary fetus pictures.

Jill Stanek looks at Harvard fetusphobia. One enlightened soul laments:
I think I have a right to not see that crap on my way to breakfast, lunch, and dinner....Ethically charged posters like that have no place in common spaces. Quite simply, if one is pro-choice, they make you uncomfortable and annoyed....

What "crap" is this bastion of tolerance and open-mindedness referring to? The "Elena" posters:

Oh, it's scary! Oh! The two-celled zygote! Make it go away!
I personally find the image disgusting and don't want to walk past it everyday.... It doesn't have to do with abortion as an issue or free speeh; it's about being decent and not being disgusting.

Yuck! An embryo! Eeewww! Ick! How indecent!
[The posters are] unnecessarily divisive.... [T]his deliberately flattens an intensely painful and complicated issue. It also happens to misrepresent the pro-choice members of this campus as bloodthirsty baby killers.

If the shoe fits.


Jewels of the Jungle shares Choicers Scared Witless By Unborn Baby Photos. The players: Laura Ingram and Vicki Saporta. The topic: Ultrasound photos of fetuses.
What was interesting was when Laura asked Vicki if the images of “that little person” effected her.


Vicki sat in stunned silence for several …. long…. moments…. before she replied “it … does… not… uhm, make me think that we should -uhm- not allow women -uhm- to have -uhm- the choice of whether or not to terminate…” ::mumbles unintelligibly::

Nothing seems to scare Choicers more than photos of children in utero. Not even photos of aborted fetuses. (at least at that point they can turn the debate into “that’s disgusting!” to which I reply “uh.. yup.”)


One of the hallmarks of propaganda, as opposed to honest, rational debate and discussion, is that propaganda seeks to discourage thought and to suppress information.

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