Friday, March 31, 2006

Planned Parenthood stoops to a new low

Planned Parenthood Abortion Centers Lure Teens With iPods, Movie Tickets
San Francisco, CA ( -- Teenagers in the United States are having abortions in fewer numbers than at any time since Roe v. Wade and are more pro-life than older Americans. That means fewer customers for Planned Parenthood, but the abortion business has come up with a corporate marketing plan to lure teens with free iPods and movie tickets.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, the center that gave teenager Holly Patterson the dangerous abortion drug that killed her, is leading the way with the new marketing scheme.

Anyone who makes an appointment at one of the eight PPGG centers before April 30, 2006, can enter to win an iPod.

A poster announcing another Planned Parenthood program, called "Tell-A-Friend," includes a photograph of a teenage girl whispering into the ear of another teen and telling. The text of the ad reads: 'Get free movie tickets? Yes. When you tell a friend about Planned Parenthood.'


In the tell a friend campaign, teens are asked to obtain a special card at a Planned Parenthood center or download one from their web site. The promoter gets two free movie passes redeemable at any United Artist theater and the friend receives $10 off her first visit.

Is this what our kids need? Abortion clinics using marketing ploys to drum up business among teenagers?


Unknown said...

I realize that the anti-choice people believe that Planned Parenthood is all about abortions. However, they also provide women's health care in the form of pelvic and pap smears, birth control (pills, condoms, etc.) and host of other services.

Is it possible that the giveaway for iPods and movie tickets is to encourage young women to get their health checked or perhaps protect themselves from disease?

I think your assessment is grossly unfair to the work that Planned Parenthood does.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I entirely agree with Kim. Where I live, Planned Parenthood doesn't even conduct abortions. Instead, they do free HIV testing and a host of other health services (such as pap smears, birth control, breast examinations, pregnancy tests, etc.).

Alexandra Strauss said...

Planned Parenthood's profits come from abortions. Without them, they're in the red.