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Somebody was searching for "gandotra"

Somebody was searching for gandotra. I have information on Magdalena Rodrigez, who died after a botched abortion by Suresh Gandotra. Here are some other cases:

  • A suit by Anel L. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Gandotra at El Norte Clinica Medica on May 4, 1991. She faulted Gandotra wit lack of informed consent, and said that he negligently performed the abortion, resulting in hospitalization, and debilitating and permanent injuries. Anel won a $50,000 judgment, but was unable to collect. (San Diego County Superior Court Case No. 661720)
  • Medical board documents describe the case of a woman identified as A.L.G. I'll call her Alicia. She alleged that she was18 weeks pregnant when she went to Gandotra for care. Gandotra performed an abortion "even though he had not received training in performing second-trimester abortions, and even though he did not have procedures in place to deal with the potential complications." Gandotra had Alicia sign a consent form for first-trimester abortion.

    Gandotra then sent Alicia home after performing an incomplete abortion, without medication, hoping that the fetus would be expelled.

    Alicia returned, suffering from an infection, and Gandotra attempted unsuccessfully to complete the abortion. He perforated Alicia's uterus. Alicia had to be taken to the hospital. She arrived in hemorrhagic shock, having lost at least 40% of her blood. But Gandotra had falsely described Alicia's condition as "stable," and had failed to notify the other medical staff that he had administered a Dopamine drip to Alicia. This error could have led to Alicia being given medications that would have reacted to the Dopamine in her system, possibly killing her.

    Alicia required emergency surgery, which found a 3 cm cervical laceration extending 4 cm into the upper part of her vagina. Gandotra also made a 5 cm laceration in Alicia's bladder. Medical board documents note "damage to the patient was so extensive that it was difficult to identify her anatomy."

    Gandotra indicated to another doctor that he thought he had removed part of Alicia's intestine.

    At the time he performed Alicia's abortion, Gandotra had just finished a 9-month jail sentence for criminal convictions. When questioned by medical board investigators about Alicia's case, Gandotra stated "I guess I just screwed up." (San Diego County, South Bay Judicial District, California Superior Court Case No. S6003494; San Diego News Notes February 1995; LA Times 3-21-95)
  • A suit by Blanca M. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Gandotra at Coast Urgent Medical Clinic in 1988. She faulted Gandotra with lack of informed consent, fraud, miscalculating gestational age, removing only half of the fetus and concealing that fact,. Blanca's lawyers also noted that Gandotra "refusal to correct ... errors ... until [Blanca] agreed to pay additional moneys despite the fact that [Blanca] presented herself to [Gandotra and his staff] in a life threatening condition, which condition defendants caused by those acts...referenced herein." Blanca endured two negligently performed surgical procedures attempted by Gandotra to correct the problems. She finally had a third surgery performed in a hospital to correct three uterine perforations and a serosal tear. (LA County Superior Court Case No. SEC76210; LA Times 3-21-95)


    Documents indicate that Gandotra lost his medical license in New York in 1992, and served 8 months in prison in 1990 for 17 felony counts, including forging prescriptions, grand theft, Medi-Cal fraud, aiding in furnishing of dangerous drug without authorized prescription, aiding and abetting unlawful prescription of controlled substance, and assisting in unlicensed practice of medicine. An article states that Gandotra remains licensed in Iowa and Illinois. He served primarily a Hispanic population, but was not known to speak Spanish. (San Diego Union-Tribune 12-13-94; Orange County Register 12-15-94; Santa Monica Outlook 12/94; San Diego County, South Bay Judicial District, California Superior Court Case No. S6003494)


    Gandotra, a 1971 graduate of  Guru Nanek University, was born in 1949. He continues to practice medicine -- or at least, he practice still shows up as current in web searches --  in California.

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