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Anniversary: One of a dozen

Eighteen-year-old Christine Mora underwent an abortion at Doctors' Surgical Center in Cypress, California -- an FPA (Family Planning Associates Medical Group) facility. She was about 17 weeks pregnant and a high school senior. The date was November 2, 1994. A nurse practitioner inserted laminaria to dilate Christine's cervix. Christine went home and returned the following day for the abortion.

Dr. Thomas Grubbs performed the D&E and sent Christine to recovery. Preparing to leave the clinic, Christine fell while unattended. Grubbs was called to check her, and noticed slurred speech and inappropriate responses. Somebody called an ambulance, and Christine was taken to La Palma Hospital, where she spent several hours in the emergency room, attended by her friend Robert. When Christine's father was finally located, Robert had to tell him about the abortion as well as about the hospitalization.

Christine was admitted to the intensive care unit, where her condition deteriorated until she was finally taken off life support at noon on November 8, and pronounced dead. Christine left an 18-month old child motherless.

The autopsy showed acute septicemia and hemorrage in the brain, along with some small cervical lacerations. It also revealed that Christine had a congenital heart defect called "foramen ovale," in which a connection between the two sides of her heart had not closed at birth as it was supposed to do. Her family filed a wrongful death suit.

The attorneys for Grubbs, Allred, and FPA claimed that Christine's heart defect, not the abortion, caused her death. But an expert reviewing the case for Christine's family said that the care provided to Christine at the FPA facility "fell below applicable standard" and that the "breach of standard care was the direct cause of Miss Mora's death." In particular, he faulted FPB because:

  • Grubbs had never examined Christine prior to the surgery. In fact, he'd had no contact with her at all prior to beginning her abortion.
  • "The anesthesia record says that Dr. Bruggs did the entire extraction procedure in three minutes (emphasis in original)," and that this haste caused the cervical lacerations.

The expert concluded that the amniotic fluid entered Christine's bloodstream through the cervical lacerations, causing her death. Oddly, Dr. David Grimes, the expert defending FPA, agreed that Christine's death was due to an amniotic fluid embolism and not to her heart defect. Grimes, however, claimed that the amniotic fluid had entered Christine's bloodstream when the placenta had detached, and not through the cervical lacerations. Grimes considered three minutes to be adequate time for a 17-week abortion. (Grimes had also spoken on behalf of notorious California abortionist Leo Keneally.)

The lawsuit had gone to trial, with Allred himself taking the stand, when prolifers discovered that Allred was being sued and complained that the medical board and news media were ignoring the death. As soon as the prolifers began agitating, FPA quickly settled with the family, stipulating confidentiality as part of the settlement.

Christine wasn't the only young woman to die from abortion at a facility owned by FPA head honcho Edward Campbell Allred. Others include:

Allred's facilities remain members of the National Abortion Federation despite these deaths.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever been raped? Has your father ever forced you to sleep with him nearly every night for eight years lest you get the shit beaten out of you, until when day, at the tender age of 15, you found yourself pregnant, carrying your sick fucking rapist of a father's bastard fetus?

I had a first trimester abortion when I was fifteen, and I think you can figure out the back-story from the questions I put forth in my first paragraph. You can go to hell for being so fucking judgmental.

Another question: Have you ever adopted a child? You are aware that millions of children are waiting to be adopted RIGHT NOW -- unless you're willing to adopt one, shut the hell up about this "give it up for adoption!" crap.

And FYI, the majority of those "product of abortion" images of dead fetuses are actually the product of miscarriages and labour that was induced BECAUSE THE CHILD WAS ALREADY GOING TO DIE. Of course, you'd probably consider that last point abortion, wouldn't you? Because god forbid parents not want to have to carry a child to term, when they know it's going to die anyway.

Self righteous bitch. Don't like abortion, don't fucking have one. It's that simple. And until you're in a situation where abortion becomes a viable option, you can kindly shut the hell up.

Christina Dunigan said...

You're obviously in a lot of pain, but why are you directing it at a post expressing outrage that Fast Eddie Allred and his team of quacks have killed a dozen women that I know of? Why aren't you directing it at, say, abortionists that will do an abortion on a girl in your situation at the request of her rapist and return her to him for more rape? It seems that exposing them and holding them accountable for facilitating child-rape might be a more productive use for your outrage.

Anonymous said...

I think your anger is misdirected. Understandably, you saw the abortion as rescuing you from a pregnancy resulting from a horrible crime and saving the child from being born to also become abused. However, I think what Christina is concerned about is adults bringing in minors who are being abused by them to have an abortion and abortion providers over-looking the abuse and releasing them back to their abuser after the abortion. In other words, we are wanting to ensure that abortion providers and other medical professionals are reporting and offering aid for women and girls who are being abused.

Your father has hurt you terrribly and he is should be held completely responsible. And understandibly it sounds like you have a lot of hurt and anger as a result of the abuse. Trauma counseling may be beneficial in helping you find healing from the horrors you've endured, and although the scars may never heal, the pain may lesson over time. And why not re-direct your anger to helping other battered and abused women in seeking medical and legal aid and work towards bring awareness to child abuse and domestic violence?

Anonymous said...


*In other words, we are wanting to ensure that abortion providers and other medical professionals are reporting and offering aid for women and girls who are being abused. We really aren't wanting to or trying to punish you (we'd rather see abusers and those who facilitate the continued abuse to be punished) and only offer our sympathies for what you've been through.