Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Roundup: Stem cells, a convert, the raids in Spain, etc.

  • Science Trumps Politics. On why embryonic stem cell proponents are being so aloof about the announcement by one of their own that you don't need to create and kill embryos after all: "Their muted reaction to the latest development suggests that for some of them what was so exciting about stem-cell research wasn’t the far-off potential therapeutic applications, but the chance to portray pro-lifers as standing in the way of life-enhancing scientific discoveries." Bingo! (HT: JJ)

  • James Lileks pithily sums up the altruistic misanthrope who snuffed her fetus to save the planet. (HT: The Point)

  • Mom's live-in boyfriend is the most likely person to harm her kids. (HT: Jill Stanek) The recent horriffic news about how "Baby Grace" suffered and died brings this home yet again. By and large it's boyfriends, not husbands, pushing women into abortion clinics. Boyfriends, not husbands, battering and abusing and killing kids that make it out of the womb in one piece. Boyfriends, not husbands, are more likely to abuse the woman herself. If he's not willing to sign up for the long haul, he's not worth your time. And he's certianly not worth risking your well being, your life, and your kids for.

  • An embryologist points out to the LA Times that there's no such thing as human "fertilized eggs". Only egg-laying creatures such as birds and lizards produce fertilized eggs -- and even those eggs have embryos within them.

  • I'll provide an obligatory link to coverage of the raids on the illegal late-term abortion mills in Barcelona. If only they'd start doing this in Kansas, where Tiller is aborting anybody who calls and has the cash. We can dream, can't we?

  • 'Bella' receives critical acclaim while literally saving lives. (HT: Catholic Fire) "It's been amazing," lead actor Eduardo Verastegui told an audience in Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 17. "We've received so many e-mails and letters from young ladies who just days before were scheduled to have an appointment to have an abortion and after they saw 'Bella' they kept their baby."

  • On Thursday, Karen Shablin will be speaking at the University of Pittsburgh. Shablin is a former NARAL member who has been there, done that, and burned the t-shirt.
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