Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is something up with Knarr?

Is something up with William Malcolm Knarr? 'Cause somebody was searching for "malcolm knarr investigation channel 5 news".

I have old stuff on him. For example, the 1991 National Abortion Federation annual report listed him as a member.

According to several newspapers, a patient identified as K.P. filed suit regarding an October 29, 1992 abortion performed by Knarr at his Aid for Women. The abortion was incomplete, and K experienced pain and bleeding. Knarr performed a second abortion on November 5. K continued to experience pain and bleeding. When she contacted Knarr 12 days later, he advised her to seek care elsewhere, which she did. This physician noted discharge and multiple bacterial infections, and admitted K to the hospital. There an ultrasound revealed a foreign object left in her uterus. This doctor removed the object. Reportedly Knarr was unable to treat K for this himself because he'd lost his hospital privileges over his treatment of patient T.C.

Which leads us to T.C. Joseph Walter Manley had performed an abortion on her in 1991 at Knarr's Aid for Women, and Knarr had provided follow-up at a hospital. T ended up needing a hysterectomy.

A former employee filed an affidavit stating that a 16-year-old girl's mother called "in tears" after her daughter's abortion, stating that Knarr had "torn up" the girl's uterus and that as a result she suffered fever, hospitalization, and sterility.

A petition to revoke Knarr's license, filed in 1993, alleged: performing unnecessary tests and services, lack of malpractice coverage, writing prescriptions in violation of federal regulations, prescribing or administering drugs without federal registration, improperly monitoring drugs, failure to adhere to standards of care regarding patients S.E., A.S., T.R., and T.C., "Licensee has the inability to practice the branch of the Healing Arts for which he is licensed with reasonable skill and safety to patients by reason of illness, alcoholism, excessive use of drugs, controlled substances, chemical or any other type of material or as a result of any mental or physical condition." Knarr was ordered to undergo 5 days evaluation at a treatment center; he refused to release the evaluation to the medical board.

Knarr had been convicted in Oklahoma for sale of marijuana and LSD and possession of hashish September 2, 1970. He then failed to disclose these convictions on a federal application, an application for hospital privileges, and when applying for his Kansas license. For this false filing of documents he was given a 4 years prison sentence, suspended, $5000 fine, in 1984.

An affidavit by a former employee states that:
  • No staff at his clinic were RNs or LPNs
  • All staff, including a receptionist with no medical training, did medical work, such as starting IVs to produce anesthesia and restore consciousness, assisting in abortion procedures, taking medical history and blood pressure, performing ultrasounds, and doing Rh factor testing
  • Patients were required to pay for abortion prior to any other activity. Patients who changed their minds about abortion were charged for office visit and sonogram, such charge usually being $90, even if she had not seen the doctor
  • After payment, the patient would be given materials to read describing the abortion procedure as safe, and differing from the information "which is supposed to be given to the women eight hours before her abortion"
  • Adoption was not offered
  • Patients were told verbally and in clinic materials to disbelieve information given by protesters
  • Cash patients were aborted same day, regardless of informed consent requirements or intake of food prior to arrival at facility
  • Patient age was not verified with I.D.
  • In order to disguise presence in procedure room of staff member who had done pre-procedure counseling, staff would sign records for each other's counseled patients
  • Counselor training consisted of reading materials provided by the facility
  • Staff who scheduled abortion appointments received a percentage of the abortion fee
  • RhoGam was given in doses not in accordance with Physicians Desk Reference
  • Knarr was notified by telephone when all patients were present, and at least four women were expected to be prepped, with feet in stirrups, for abortion prior to his arrival. Upon arrival, Knarr would sometimes meet with staff for as long as two hours before proceeding with abortions
  • Women were sent out of facility rather than given somewhere to lie down after insertion of laminaria
  • Due to error in sonogram reading, one patient was discovered to have an advanced pregnancy beyond 16 weeks, resulting in lodging of the fetal head, which Knarr crushed with clamps
  • Anesthesia used caused transient amnesia, and women resisting the procedure were given more Versed, "If a woman asked Knarr to stop the procedure, he ignored her because he felt she was drugged up and wouldn't remember it."
  • No check was made to determine if all fetal tissues had been removed. Fetal tissues were stored in an unrefrigerated barrel inside the back door. In cases where less than 10 cc of material was removed, tissues were sent to pathologist, sometimes were determined to contain no product of conception; but the women were not notified of pathology report results and no efforts were made to determine reason for lack of fetal tissue in specimen
  • Torn cervix was common complication
  • Knarr once left a tenaculum and speculum in a patient
  • Knarr often arrived appearing disheveled, on occasion he appeared to be high on drugs; he once performed an abortion after stating that he was not alert due to ingestion of drugs.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease was common; neither post-abortion counseling nor referrals for such were provided
  • Women counseled personally by Knarr always followed through with abortion
  • A police officer regularly responding to calls about protesters was dating a clinic staff member
  • 12 vials of Versed became unaccounted for; Versed was administered in manner inconsistent with advice of PDR, which recommended its use only in settings "that provide constant monitoring of respiratory and cardiac function"
  • Blood was drawn in exam room or kitchen, and was stored with food in the refrigerator
  • An employee found a four-inch fetus in the garbage disposal
  • After OSHA inspectors found non-compliance, Knarr still did not conform
  • Cash paid for abortions often was unaccounted for
  • Knarr ingested Talwin from sample packages
  • An employee heard Knarr phoning prescriptions for Xanax for himself and another employee; a Wal-Mart pharmacist told an employee that Wal-Mart would not accept prescriptions from Knarr due to investigation for over-prescribing drugs
  • Employees smoked marijuana at a picnic at Knarr's house; an employee used Methamphetamine during work hours.

    A Wichita Eagle article states that the owner of the building filed suit against Knarr because he "represented to the plaintiff that he would be operating a family practice when in fact it was his intention to operate an abortion clinic," and that operating the clinic instead of a family practice office would require changes in plumbing to meet building codes, resulting in a threat by the city to cut off water to all tenants in the building.

    The clincher: a report in the Topeka Capital-Journal said that an obstetric patient complained that Knarr had left her in stirrups for over three hours, "inappropriately manipulated the perineum," "displayed a lack of knowledge in the use of forceps to deliver the baby," and "displayed a lack of knowledge regarding episiotomies and their repair."

    The last I knew, Knarr had turned over his facility to none other than Kristin Neuhaus. Who got shut down by the state for being a danger to her patients, so she decided to make a living rubber-stamping George Tiler's third trimester abortion patients.

    So! I have to leave for work, kids. See what you can find out about this guy and what he's been up to lately, and we'll compare notes later.

    Anonymous said...

    William Malcolm Knarr is Still practicing in KC KS. The name of his clinic is Central Family Practice it is located on central St in Kansas City KS. The Phone bills and property are in his name, He is still doing his drugs I know all of this for a fact I would even send you documents proving it IF I new it would put his ass in jail and he can't weasl his way out. Please post a response

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Have you presented your evidence to the medical board?

    Anonymous said...

    william malcolm knarr is also a slumlord. How do i know, because i rent a property from him i also would like to see him get his ass nailed to the wall
    LOTS and LOTS of evidence on this guy!!! Lets call T.V 5!!!

    Christina Dunigan said...

    william malcolm knarr is also a slumlord.

    Why does that not surprise me?

    Anonymous said...

    I know this man!! He is nothing but troube. His girlfriend is now in jail due to perscription fraud, gotten from non other than MK, he has caused my family nothing but grief, he still does drugs, and is totally out of control. My family has a restraining order out against him. He was found guilty and was due to be sentenced but of course he appelled it, so now it is delayed AGAIN!!!

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Can you post links or source materials for anything recent about Knarr, anon?

    Princess said...

    I would love to get the evidence you are speaking of against Knarr. I am trying to keep my stepson away from him, his mother is dating Knarr and once she is released from jail will move in with him. Right now we have a restraining order against him, he was found guilty but date of sentencing he appelled so now we are waiting. Please let me know what I need to do to get some of the evidence you might have against him. I know it will help out when we go to court in August.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Princess, contact Life Dynamics, 940-380-8800. They'll probably be willing to do a data swap with you, your information in exchange for what they have in their files.

    Princess said...

    GrannyGrump - thanks for the number, I will give it a shot, any suggestions how I should approach the conversation? Or do I just mention his name and they will take it from there? I know you mention his name here at the Johnson Cty courts and everyone just cringes!!! I will let you know what I find out. Thanks so much!!!

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Just explain the kind of trouble you're having with him, that you understand Knarr's an abortionist and that Life Dynamics gathers information on abortionists and you therefore believe that they would like the information you have and could provide information that could help you with what you're trying to do.

    Angie Knarr said...

    Dr. Knarr IS NOT working at the Ckinic in any compacity what so ever. He purchased the building years ago when he began his family practice there and has never sold it. His role there is simply owner of the clinic building. Other physicans that he has hired work there. He is presently in commerical and residentical real estate business and a partner in a few more businesses as well. He is a brillant man, who works incredibly hard in order to provide for his family. It is untrue that he is a slum lord. Look him up, his business ia well established and well respected. The woman who claimed to be "Priincess" (too funny in its self as she is such actually a terrible person to make up these lies and put them on this blog.)How do I know all this? I asked her. You see,I am, proudly, Malcolms wife. I did not go to jail due to writing prescriptions gotten from my husband. What a horrible lie to make up and post for all to see! LeDenna, you should be ashamed of yourself. The rediculous restraining order you attempted to get against my son and Dr. Knarr was the jealous attempts from the 2nd wife of my ex husband to hurt me. She knew where to hit me too, by bulling and harassing and trying to embarrass my family. Dont you people realize that you were repeating these lie about some little boys Dad? and mom? and it is all untrue. I hope you enjoyed yourselves at the cost of hurting innocent little kids and a good family trying to put the past,(including past mistakes, but whom of us haven't made mistakes in our past?) behind us and move forward in a better business(we are members in good standing with the BBB of KC, check us out) and take care of our family. Then peopele like you all, are mean spirited, cruel, hatefull and hurtfull to others you deem unworthy of even being on this earth. What did we ever do to any of you to desearve this viciousness? Do you all realize that there is a chance some of you have even met me. I may have taken care of your sick Father or Child (I am a nurse)I may have called in antibiotics for your infant's fever or sat with your Mother while she was scared and alone in the hospital, until you, her family, could get there, soothing her and comforting her. So before you all get crazied up into that hate-filled frenzy you all have shown you can do, why dont you remember what our Lord said and do unto others-including our young boys, as you would have done onto you? We are innocent. Please stop before you go too far and some wack-o out there starts to believe these lies of yours and decides that me and my family need to die like in the case of Dr. Tiller. My husband does no, and I repeat no abortions. NONE. We live and have created a total different life now, and are proud of it and all we want is to be left alone. Please. If not for him, for the rest of our family. But he deserves a second chance and His forgiving Grace as we blessed to have been given to us by a merciful, mighty and loving God. Who are you to be above Him? The one you so often turn to for help, why dont you show Him respect by abiding by His commandments as well? We do. This princess woman is not even a part of our extended family anymore as she and my ex husband have divorced. She doesnt visit my son, she doesnt care about him or my ex husnand. All she left them with was lasting embarrassment and fusteration.
    Angie Knarr,
    wife mother nurse christian