Saturday, November 17, 2007

Searches: Old, new, and nasty.

  • Bleeding to death -- in this case, from abortion -- in theory ought not to happen. David Grimes and Willard Cates of the CDC noted that the modern legal abortionist has everything at his disposal to detect and treat hemorrhage before it becomes fatal. Which did nothing to protect Eurice Agbagaa, Mickey Apodaca, Leigh Ann Alford, Gloria Aponte, Jacqueline Bailey, Junette Barnes, Myrta Baptiste, Cassandra Bleavins, Belinda Byrd, Teresa Causey, Sandra Chmiel, Pamela Colson, Liliana Cortez, Mary Ann Dancy, Barbaralee Davis, Glenda Davis, Synthia Dennard, Anjelica Duarte, Evelyn Dudley, Gladyss Estanislao, Linda Fondren, Kathleen Gilbert, Maria Gomez, Shary Graham, Doris Grant, Sharon Hamptlon, Lou Ann Herron, Louchrisser Jackson, Sandra Milton, Ruth Montero, Sylvia Moore, Dorothy Muzorewa, Guadalupe Negron, Shirley Payne, Mary Pena, Magdalena Rodriguez, "Mary" Roe, "Nadine" Roe, Carole Schaner, Margaret Smith, Jennifer Suddeth, Cheryl Tubbs, and God alone knows how many other women.

  • For hyperemesis, Ashli's the expert.

  • Searching for Malachy DeHenre? Ding ding ding You've picked a winner!

  • Amante Rongetti remains an object of curiosity. Spared the death penalty after the 1928 abortion death of Loretta Enders, he was freed to then kill Elizabeth Palumbo.

  • Brenda Pratt Schaffer had her road-to-Damascas experience when she saw a live-born baby killed after it survived a D&X ("Partial Birth") abortion. There's nothing like working in an abortion clinic to cure you of being prochoice -- if you have eyes, a brain, and a heart.

  • I'm not sure why abortions specifically in the 1940s remains such a popular search.

  • Somebody came searching specifically for nasty abortions. As if there's any other kind. Well, I will try to oblige by providing a sample of extreme nastiness: Jammie Garcia drowned in her own feculent fluids because her abortionist had shoved her fetus into her bowl and left it there to block things up; Carolina Gutierrez endured the amputation of her gangrenous limbs in a futile attempt to save her from abortion-related sepsis; Lawson Akpolonu was raping patients in his filthy clinic -- something Diane Sawyer considered "a non-story" when we tipped her off; abortionist James Park's method of disposing of late-term fetuses -- running them through a meat grinder -- was enough to make fellow abortionist Curts Stover lose his lunch. Nasty enough? Or should I look for more?

  • Interest hasn't abated in the September death of Laura Hope Smith.

  • And abortion stories seeing the fetus: Here you go.
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