Thursday, November 29, 2007

Man slips girlfriend abortion mickeys

Married man accused of slipping abortion drug to girlfriend

A married man accused of slipping an abortion drug to his pregnant girlfriend is expected in Outagamie County Circuit Court today.

Sheriff's investigators say the man has admitted giving RU-486 to the woman without her knowledge by putting it in something she consumed.

Captain Michael Jobe (JOHB) says the woman became suspicious in September after her second miscarriage in less than a year. So, she sent some of her blood to a California lab, which confirmed the presence of the abortion drug.

She then filed for a restraining order against the 34-year-old man and went to sheriff's investigators.

Sheriff's officials say charges against Manishkumar Patel could include attempted first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child, burglary, stalking and violating a restraining order. But prosecutors won't say what charges they intend to file.

The prolifers will all probably be unified on this one: The guy needs to get prosecuted on two counts of homicide. I imagine the prochoicers will be split -- ranging from "In her mind it was a baby, so it's homicide" (the smallest group) to "He gave her a drug without her consent. It's assault. Treat it like slipping somebody any other mickey" (the biggest group).

And gee, thanks, abortion lobby, for all your hard work to bring abortion drugs to this country and make this possible.

Here's one more thought: How do we prevent this sort of thing? I'd say that we need to have tight control on these drugs, and anybody who dispenses them to anybody other than a woman who has requested them and gone through screening and informed consent needs to be charged as an accomplice in the homicide of the unborn baby.

If "choice" is about the woman's right to decide if it's a baby or a blob, then she ought to have the right to have the rat-bastard who kills her baby against her wishes locked up and the key thrown away.


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