Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sex abuse facilitators face charges

Man Behind Effort to Legalize Abortion in Nicaragua Gets 30 Years for Step-Daughter's Rape: Criminal Convictions against International Pro-Abortion Feminists May be Next

Francisco Fletes Sanchez, who covered up his sexual abuse of his stepdaughter "Rosita" in 2003 with the help of international pro-abortion organizations, has received the maximum sentence of 30 years in prison for his crimes.

Fletes was helped by Ipas, an international abortion-advocacy group, in obtaining an abortion for his 9-year-old stepdaughter, "Rosita". Ipas arranged an abortion through Nicaragua's "Women's Network Against Violence", and the fetus was disposed of, thus preventing authorities from identifying the girl's real rapist. She was subjected to four more years of rape by her stepfather before a second pregnancy, not aborted, raised questions and led to the identification of Fletes as the perpetrator in both pregnancies.

Charges have been filed against several member's of the Network for their role in obtaining an abortion for "Rosita"....

The most prominent member of the Network charged with the crime is Marta Maria Blandon, is the Director for Central America for the international pro-abortion agency Ipas. Blandon admitted publicly ... that she knew Fletes was under investigation by Costa Rican authorities when she helped him to achieve his goal of escaping to Nicaragua.

Evidence also exists that other members of the Network, which continued to support Fletes, his wife, and stepdaughter with free housing, knew that he was the real father of the child and conspired to cover up the crime. ....

It would be lovely if we started doing this in the United States -- prosecuting people who help child-rapists to cover up their crimes by aborting the resulting babies.

Of course, if we did, I get the feeling a lot of Planned Parenthood and NAF clinics would be staffed on work-release.

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