Friday, November 30, 2007

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Stacy Zallie was the New Jersey college student who committed suicide after her abortion. Her family has launched the Stacy Zalie Foundation to offer support to other post-abortion women, to prevent them from taking their lives.

This, of course, has hardcore abortion fanatics gnashing their teeth. How dare a grieving family try to make "choice" look bad! How dare this grieving father point out what public health officials already know! How dare he try to prevent other women and girls from taking their lives, like his daughter did, like Arlin della Cruz did, like Sandar Kaiser did, like Carol Cunningham did, like Sandra Roe did, like Laura Grunas did, like Haley Mason did.

How dare this grieving dad note that women who have aborted are at higher risk of suicide than women who have given birth or who have not been pregnant.

How dare he let things like reality and compassion get in the way of the beauty and wonder of "choice"?

But then, these women who are attacking George Zallie are hardcore abortion advocates. If they lack compassion for their own children, how can they have compassion for any grieving parent?

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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