Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's Searches - mostly deaths

  • Vanessa Preston, the 22-year-old wife of a local minister, died in 1980 of complications of an abortion performed by National Abortion Federation member Curtis Boyd at his Fairmount Center in Dallas, Texas. (To his credit, Boyd and his staff did seem to have been prepared for an emergency, and to have responded appropriately, and he did try to warn other abortionists of the possibility of this happening to their patients.) Other Christian women and girls -- who in theory would know better and have a network to keep them from ending up as grist for the abortion mill -- who ended up dying from abortions include Marla Cardamone, Dawn Ravenelle, and most recently Laura Smith. Clearly the church is not effectively countering Screwtape's work on this. Going up against the Father of Lies, and against this massive propaganda juggernaut, armed only with a chastity pledge, "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart", and "God is Pro Life" is like going up against a Panzer division armed with a BB gun, a handful of cherry bombs, and a throwing star. The people who gain money and political power from these women have been disarming them, chewing them up, and spitting them out with a smug sneer on their lips by the millions. It's time we stopped letting them get away with it.

  • Somebody wanted to know where prolifers stand on the death penalty. Though statistically prolifers are more likely to oppose the death penalty than either prochoicers or the general public, individual results may vary. For myself, I'm not sure if you could more accurately describe me as opposing the death penalty except under certain very limited circumstances, or as supporting the death penalty but only under certain very limited circumstances. I think we should resort to it only when the perpetrator leaves us no other means of protecting others from his murderous impulses. That would be for murderers who remain an escape risk, murderers who either attempt or succeed in another killing in jail, and those who are capable of taking out hits from prison. In order to value all lives equally, we have to take out those who choose to remain a risk. Otherwise we are placing a greater value on their lives than on the lives of their victims. And really, when you get down to it, the two are apples and oranges. Show me an armed and aggressive fetus guilty of homicide, and I'll discuss the parallels.

  • Someone was searching for Emily Zall. She was one of the people who actually believed that supporting Planned Parenthood is supporting unbiased and accurate information for frightened women contemplating abortion. She signed a PP petition, adding "Government funded organizations must give accurate information." It would be lovely if Planned Parenthood was actually living up to Emily's expectations. Emily -- it was the unconscionable lies and malpractice Planned Parenthood perpetrated on my babysitter that pushed me off the fence into the prolife camp. I doubt that most decent people could know the kinds of thing this organization does and not want to see them shut down on the spot.

  • Janet Foster, 18 years old, died of a safe and legal septic abortion in California in 1971.

  • Someone wanted recent abortion pictures. Though they likely meant fetal remains, I do have photos of some of the women and girls who died recently:

    Christin Gilbert died in 2005 at George "Teflon" Tiller's late abortion mill in Wichita, Kansas.

    Laura Grunas, a young police officer in Florida, turned her gun on her lover then herself in the wake of an abortion in 2006.

    Diana Lopez was sent home to bleed to death after an abortion at a California Planned Parenthood in 2002.

    Holly Patterson died of sepsis after she was given RU-486 in an off-label manner at a California Planned Parenthood in 2002.

    Laura Hope Smith died this past September on a Hyannis, Massachusetts abortion table.

    Stacy Zallie took her own life after an abortion in 2002.

  • All I have on Josepha Seletz is that she works at the abortion facility that gave Oriane Shevin her fatal dose of RU-486.

  • I have the following on clinica para la mujer: Laurence Reich, Abortionist and Pervert; Press Release on Abortionist Braemer; and Abortionist Philip Rand.

  • Debra Gray was the first woman to die under the dubious care of abortionist Gideo Kioko at Maryland's notorious Hillview abortion mill. Suzanne Logan was injured at around the same time as Debra, but she lingered, paralyzed and mute, in a nursing home for several years before finally dying of her injuries.

  • Somebody wanted "abortion related to suicide". That's an entire post on its own merits. Though you can click on Stacy Zallie and Laura Grunas, above, for starters.

  • Somebody wanted "self abortion pictures". You can start here, or Google Geraldine Santoro. She's the poster child for abusive husbands. Never mind locking the bastards up. Just scrape their frightened wives and send them back for more.

  • And the most recent searcher wanted illegal horrifying abortion stories . Why limit yourself? Browse. I have enough horrifying stories from all manner of abortions. The legal status doesn't seem to have much impact. And if you don't believe that, tell me how any seedy abortion mills could do anyhing worse than Mosche Hachamovitch's staff did to Jammie Garcia, what Maber Medical Center did to Carolina Guitirrez, or what Ron Kuseski did to Christi Stile.

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