Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today's searches

Somebody wanted "illegal abortion deaths 2005". Well, technically the fatal abortion LeRoy Carhart performed on Christin Gilbert (pictured) in 2005 at George "Teflon" Tiller's late-term abortion mill was illegal. Kansas law only allows post-viabililty abortions to protect a woman from permanent injury or death. Prior to the fatal third-trimester abortion, Chritin was a perfectly healthy young woman. Her only "ailment" was an extra chromosome, i.e. Down syndrome.

Another searcher wanted "death anesthesia". Those I've identified related to abortion are here.

The death of Laura Smith (pictured) is here. She died this past September on a Massachusetts abortion table. Dr. Rapin Osathanondh was the abortionist.

Another search was "abortions in the old days". I have a lot on that. The dead are listed according to who took fatal instrument in hand: amateurs, paramedical people, or physicians. More about abortion pre-Roe in the US is available here.

Someone wanted information on the 1982 death of abortion patient Myrta Baptiste. Her abortion was counted by the Centers for Disease Control as due to illegal abortion because though it took place in an opely operating clinic, and no charges were ever filed, the doctor's license was suspended by the medical board at the time. The other four women who died at that Florida facility -- Ruth Montero, Maura Morales, and Shirley Payne were all counted as legal abortion deaths.

Someone else was searching for Vikram Kaji. I only have a brief comment about how he worked for Stephen Chase Brigham, but this guy really deserves a page of his own. And I have got to fix that page! I must have done it at three in the morning or something.

For "women dead because of abortion", click here. Legal, illegal, and self-induced are all there.

And just scroll down for information about Alberto Hodari, who performed the fatal abortions on Chivon Williams and Tamia Russell. What a treasure he is! What a role model for Medical Students for Choice at Wayne State University. Way to go, kids!

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