Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Now there's a role model for you!

"Medical Students for Choice (sic)" have invited Alberto Hodari to speak at Wayne State University.

As Jill Stanek pointed out, it's unlikely any of those admiring students attending the seminar will ask exactly why Hodari was okay with performing an illegal third-trimester abortion on Tamia Russell, a 15-year-old sexual abuse victim who died under this man's tender ministrations.

These admiring students are also unlikely to question Hodari (pictured) about the death of Chivon Williams under his care. They'll likely not question him about the nearly two-dozen lawsuits against him and his facility, such as the woman who had to be hospitalized and needed surgery after Hodari misdiagnosed how far along her pregnancy was and sent her home with retained placenta. They'll not ask about the woman whose pregnancy he failed to verify before proceeding with an abortion procedure carried out to kill a fetus that wasn't there -- puncturing the woman's uterus and leaving her with permanent damage. They'll not ask about the woman whose internal organs he slashed up so badly that she needed a hysterectomy.

He does abortions. That tells these gullible kids everything they think they need to know about this man. In case you're searching for your names on-line kids -- Kia Jones, Jonathan Oakes, Katie O'Connell, and Cynthia Velting-Kidder -- read this, read the links, and re-consider if this guy is really who you want to be when you grow up.

And consider this: Even after all he's done, he's still good enough for the National Abortion Federation, the abortionists' guild you're all hoping one day to be good enough to join. Well, there's good news on that front, kids -- you don't have to be good. You just have to be willing to do abortions and pay your dues. They'll plug you as if you could do no wrong. No matter how bad you are, NAF will assure abortion-minded women that you're an excellent doctor who adheres to the highest standards of care. No matter how many women you maim and kill.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Brent Sullivan said...

This entry doesn't make sense. Any doctor will tell you that medical malpractice suits are rampant in the industry. Any experienced doctor is likely to have cases that had negative outcomes. Why would an abortion doctor be an exception?

Your argument is exceptionally weak. You claim that because this man has a mixed medical record he shouldn't be allowed to speak. In that case, you wouldn't complain if a doctor came in with a spotless record? I tend to believe that you would've made a fuss one way or the other.

Pro-lifers always argue abortion with only emotion and not logic. That's why you'll eventually lose.

Christina Dunigan said...

Evidenly you also believe that it's the norm for doctors to perform illegal third-trimester abortions, to perform elective surgery on underage girls without even telling their parents, and to lie to patients.

Tamika Dowdy was so far advanced in her pregnancy that another abortion clinic gave her prenatal vitamins. Even the other abortionists in the Detroit area recognized that it would be wrong to do an abortion on her. But Hodari's attitude was "You got the money, honey, I got the time."

The standard many prochoicers have are so low it's appalling. What's the rationale? "Hey, anything is better than a baby"?

What would Hodari have to have done for you to think ill of him? Aside from, say, show her a fetus picture, which seems to be the only unforgivable crime among some prochoicers. Disembowel her, abandon her, shove her out the door to bleed to death, and you'll get prochoicers funding your legal defense. But let her see the ultrasound? That's a crime against humanity to prochoicers like you and the MSFC gang.

Brent Sullivan said...


first of all, the name "granny grump" should disqualify you from having an opinion.

"Illegal third trimester abortions" -- that's not true. As you apparently don't know, only recently were SOME late term abortions outlawed by the Supreme Court. Your statement is factually incorrect.

Also, if you follow the link, it wasn't a third semester abortion, the abortion occurred during the second semester.

It should also be noted that abortions are, relatively speaking, more safe than most other surgical procedures. One can always find exceptions, but those won't strengthen your argument.

How condescending for you to demand a pregnant woman (regardless the age of the youth) to receive permission for their parents before obtaining an abortion. What does it have to do with the parents? Also, what if the parents are also pro-choice? You'd be shit outta luck on that one :)

"Hey, anything is better than a baby." That comment was retarded and grossly inaccurate.

A crime against humanity would be placing religious ideaology above the rights and decisions of a living, breathing adult. You did a poor job of defending your side without using inflammatory rhetoric. Sure, someone will always respond to "disembowel and bleed to death" but that's simply not the reality of the overwhelming majority of abortions.

Once again, you're fundamentally wrong.

Christina Dunigan said...

In other words, since Tamia's abuser wanted her to have the abortion, it was all okay, and her death is no big deal. Thanks for clearing that up.

Brent Sullivan said...

Nope, that's not even CLOSE to what I said. But it doesn't surprise me you put it that way.

Christina Dunigan said...

That girl is dead because of two men's choices. And you're blowing it off on the grounds of "a woman's right to choose". I'd have to undergo a lobotomy or do a lot of drugs to make any sense out of that. So no, I don't understand you.

Brent Sullivan said...

Let me save you the drugs and try to explain it one more time. (I'd ask where you went to college, but I think I know the answer.)

Sometimes people make choices that have negative outcomes. For instance, some people choose to get plastic surgery, which leads to their death. As a result, should we outlaw plastic surgery? Sometimes doctors have to make choices for their patients that have negative outcomes.

If a woman or her doctor simply never had the right to choose, the outcome would rarely be what you envision. When you take a woman's choice away from her, that doesn't mean she's going to have the baby. It might mean she throws herself down a flight of stairs, or has a back-alley abortion.

You SEEM like you're interested in the health of women. If so, you'd keep abortion safe and legal.

But in reality, I truly don't believe you care about anyone's health, rather forcing your narrow minded religious ideaology on the general public. Once again, it won't work.

And you're wrong.

Christina Dunigan said...

The fact that this is NOT what TAMIA chose is totally lost on you. THAT is my point.

TWO MEN made choices. Her "boyfriend" -- a child abuser, by the way -- made the choice to have sex with her then to charge his sister with the task of finding an abortionist willing to "do" her even though she was so far along in the pregnancy that another abortion clinic actually offered her PRENATAL VITAMINS.

Then, even after Tamia made HER OWN CHOICE clear to Hodari, Hodary CHOSE to lie to her and to tell her that removing the laminaria would kill her.

TWO MEN made the choice that Tamia should have this abortion. But that doesn't seem to bother you in the least. She had an abortion. That's all that matters. If she has the abortion, all is well regardless of who made the decision, regardless even of whether or not she survives it. If the fetus is dead, it's a happy ending.

And you can't grasp that some people consider that disgusting.