Thursday, November 29, 2007

Planned Parenthood: always ready with an excuse

Defendants deny malpractice in abortion suit

Planned Parenthood's defense in a malpractice case, in which a woman ended up losing 4 litres of blood and needing a hysterectomy:

1. Hey, she knew there might be complications. (Yeah -- and every drunk driver could say, "Hey, when you get on the road you know you might be in a wreck.")

2. It's her fault for not staying still. (How about you provide adequate pain medication? I'd like to see their lawyer lie perfectly still while somebody shoves sharp things into his private parts and roots around.)

3. This was her SECOND abortion! (Popularly known as the "slut defense" -- saying that she was some sort of skanky ho who desrved what happened to her. A deplorable strategy typically used by rapists. And abortionists.)

That said -- Yes, a perforated uterus is a known complication. Which is why the physician should be prepared to treat it before it becomes life-threatening and leads to a hysterectomy.


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