Thursday, November 29, 2007

Searches: phony docs, perforated bowel, and more

  • "how do women abort their baby with coat hanger" -- By and large, they didn't. About 90+ percent of them found a doctor to do the abortion, either under a loophole in the law, by using a ruse such as passing it off as some other surgery, or illegally. About 8 percent found a midwife or other person with medical training, who typically was trained in abortion by a physician and had a physician for back-up or to provide medications. About 2 percent resorted to people with no medical training, which could anything from a rank amateur with no abortion experience to the Jane collective in Chicago which was trained by physicians and had backup physicians to provide care for complications. The famed "coathanger abortion" was rare, and more typical of women with mental health problems.

  • Davina Chambers is the British woman found herself staring at the face of her aborted baby, which she had passed into the toilet. This is not unheard of in the US.

  • Vanessa Preston was the 22-year old preacher's wife who bled to death due to disseminated intravascular coagulopathy triggered by an abortion performed by Curtis Boyd at Fairmount, a National Abortion Federation member clinic in Dallas, Texas.

  • Perforated bowel. A National Abortion Federation abortionist describes his "cross your fingers" method for dealing with bowel perforations. Then there was this case in Michigan, involving an illegal 28-week abortion performed by Dr. Jose Gilberto Higuera. Steve Brigham perforated a woman's bowel during an abortion performed in his New York office. Marcia L. suffered a perforated bowel during an abortion performed by Phillip Rand. Fatal, during an abortion: Moris Helen Herron and Sharon Hamptlon (pictured, with son Curtis) in California, Ellen Williams in Florida, Julie Roe in New York, Sharon Davis in New Mexico, and Jammie Garcia in Texas, off the top of my head.

  • "pretending to be doctor illegal" Alicia Hanna was passing herself off as a doctor when she performed the fatal abortion on Angela Sanchez. Barbara Lofton was passing herself off as a doctor at Maryland's notorious Hillview abortion mill, where Suzanne Logan and Debra Gray underwent their fatal abortions -- performed, ironically, by Gideon Kioko, who actually was a physician. I know there are other cases but my brain is fried at the moment from doing report cards at work, so I can't remember any of them.

  • Kieron Nisbet was one of the unlicensed people busted for illegally performing abortions at A Gyn of Miramar, Inc., an abortion clinic located in Miramar, Florida, now known as Miramar Women’s Center.
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