Friday, November 30, 2007

Searches: Severson, Susan, saline, Smith, Sidney -- suicidal?

  • Meryl Severson is the Planned Parenthood abortionist who performed the abortion that led to a Nebraska woman needing a hysterectomy. Of course, Planned Parenthood has their defense lined up: "She kept squirming in pain, we told her to lay still, and it's not like this is her first abortion -- it's not like she's Snow White, if you get what we're saying." Yeah, PP, we hear you. Blame the victim.

  • Susan Hamilton was murdered by her husband, abortionist John Baxter Hamilton (pictured), in their Oklahoma home on Valentine's Day of 2001. In a bizarre coincidence, the other abortionist I know of who murdered his wife -- Joe Bills Reynolds -- was also in Oklahoma.

  • Saline fetus: My favorite saline abortion fetus is Gianna Jessen, who refused to die and now refuses to be silenced. About 500 babies a year survived saline abortions during the procedure's heyday in the 1970s and early 1980s. For the less fortunate fetuses, who did not survive, you can see pictures here and here. Abortion workers dubbed them "candy apple babies" because the saline ate away the outer layer of skin, leaving the baby a bright red color.

  • Laura Hope Smith died on the abortion table at Woman Health Center in Massachusetts this past September. Her abortionist was Rapin Osathanondh.

  • Sidney Laughlin is the abortionist got caught performing abortions in his bedroom and tossing the fetuses in the trash. His staff said he disinfected medical instruments in the dishwasher.

  • "laminaria abortion suicidal" -- Actually, no. But Nikki told Focus on the Family that Ronald Kuseski at Mayfair in Colorado threatened to have her locked up on a psych ward as "suicidal" if she refused to follow through with an abortion after they'd inserted laminaria. (Mayfair is the National Abortion Federation member where Christi Stile was left in permanently incapacitated.) Douglas A. Karpen, the man who performed the fatal abortion on Denise Montoya, once lamented at a NAF seminar about women who change their minds about the abortion after the laminaria are inserted. The prolifers outside the clinic would talk to the women and would take them to obstetricians who would remove the laminaria and help them continue the pregnancies, and the women were wanting refunds. The solution proposed was to make them sign a statement prior to inserting the laminaria promising that they would under no circumstances have the laminaria removed, that they were promising to continue with the abortion even if they changed their minds. One of Karpen's patients gave birth to a premature baby who died six months later, after Karpen inserted laminaria and refused to remove it. Another NAF member, Womancare of Detroit, told Tamia Russel and her mother that she'd die if the laminaria were removed and the abortion aborted, so to speak. Tamia trusted them, proceeded with the abortion, and died. Oh, but it's the prolife CPCs that lie to women and deny them factual information to make a choice!
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