Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today's searches: A mixed bag, and more nastiness

  • "Why saline abortions are illegal" -- They're not. They're just unpopular. For good reason.

  • Another search for nasty abortion stories. There are these guys -- they're pretty nasty, with the one guy doing abortions at home and tossing the mangled fetuses in the trash and so forth. We have some guys dumping fetuses down the garbage disposal. Then there's this place, where employees complained to the state that their boss was eating the fetuses. What happened to this woman during her safe and legal abortion is pretty nasty. Keep coming, I've got more.

  • Brenda Pratt Shafer is the once proudly pro-choice nurse who underwent a sudden conversion after working three days in an abortion clinic. Ah, nothing like a dose of the real thing to make the theory not seem so peachy after all!

  • As for safe, legal abortion in Arizona: We have the the goings-on at this Planned Parenthood. There's P. Scott Ricke, who managed to get his hand stuck in a patient. We have the clinic that killed Lou Anne Herron and Lisa Bardsley, and tried to abort a near-term infant. There's Robert Tamis, who botched this woman's abortion and performed the fatal abortion on DaNette Pergusson.

  • Rosie Jimenez was the Texas woman who saved $10 by going to a midwife instead of to Planned Parenthood for her third abortion, once she learned that she couldn't get federal funding to pay for elective abortions anymore. The abortion lobby blamed funding restrictions. I'd blame the midwife, myself, since she's the one who killed the girl.

  • Womancare of Lansing might be related to Womancare of Detroit, a fairly seedy abortion mill run by Detroit Memorial Hospital. So maybe our old pal Abraham Alberto Hodari (pictured) works there, too.

  • Abortion mishap stories? Come back daily. You'll have to be more specific than that!
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