Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'd be counting my blessings....

But this woman is less than delighted that her abortionist at Planned Parenthood managed to perform an abortion procedure that failed to kill the fetus. Here's another article about that case, this time naming the abortionist as Dr. Allison Bryant.

She's suing for the cost of raising the child. Has she never heard of adoption? It is possible to bear a child and bail out on the expenses, if you consider your own child to be such a horrible burden.

On the other hand, this woman has a more legitimate beef. Her Planned Parenthood abortionist managed to maim her baby without killing it. She underwent a second abortion instead of counting herself fortuate that her child's life had been spared, but she still has a legitimate gripe that they ripped an arm and a leg off her baby. (I wrote the case up back in 2005, but thought you folks might like a "secular" source rather than taking my word for it.)

While we're on the topis of PP, there's also this case, involving a 40-year-old woman who nearly bled to death after a PP abortion.

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