Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seeking Gay Guptill of Massachusetts Irish for Life

I need your help!

If anybody reading this knows Gay, please ask her to contact me. I did a People Search and got an unlisted phone number. Her Massachusetts Irish for Life page no longer is there.

Again, calling Gay Guptill of Massachusetts Irish for Life! Your services are needed!


Anonymous said...

I know her personally. She is in the alps at this time climbing the high peaks. She should be back in a few months

Tommy Tomatoe

Anonymous said...

Last I've heard, she was planning on swimming the English Channel while holding on to two (2) cinder blocks (with her eyes closed!) sometime during the fall of 2008. She plans on navigating with human sonar, similar to how dolphins and bats navigate. It will be a first for man when she succeeds. This will be a HUGE thing in the news after it's completed.

Kenny Ketchup