Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today's searches

Alberto Hodari is a popular man today. People are looking for him. If anybody knows how his little luncheon at Wayne State University went, please let me know. There's nobody like an abortionist with two dead patients -- one of them a 15-year-old statutory rape victim so far advanced in pregnancy that every other abortionist in town turned her away -- to admire and emulate, if you're a Medical Student for Choice!

Somebody wanted information on abortion clinics closed in Alabama. Last year was a big year for that, with the state taking up a backlog in their inspections and shutting down a number of facilities, many member of them members of the National Abortion Federation. The cream of the crop, yessirree! See:

Somebody wanted Clara Duvall, who according to NOW died in 1929 of a self-induced abortion. NOW's story deviates from what Clara's daughter had written about the events. Interesting.

Somebody wanted information on the parents of Dr. TRM Howard. I guess they wanted to know what kind of parents manage to raise a guy who starts out as a civil rights champion and ends up being a seedy abortionist preying on poor and minority women.

Folks are still searching for Laura Hope Smith (pictured), who died just this past September during an abortion performed in Massachusetts by Dr. Rapin Osathanondh. Laura's mother, Eileen, met with him, and if her observations are correct he may be tottering on the brink of repentence. Pray that somebody is sent to witness to him. I called Carol Everett to ask her advice, since she had sent abortion patient Shary Graham home to bleed to death in 1982. Carol, I figured, would know what this guy is going through and how to reach him. Carol believes a face to face meeting would be best. If you're in Massachusetts, pray about whether or not the person who goes to witness to this man ought to be you. And Eileen, if you're reading this, get in touch. I want to help you pull together an outreach for girls in the church. I have decades of research I'd like to put at your disposal.

Somebody else was looking for EMW Women's Clinic, a National Abortion Federation member clinic. A real wholesome place. Their security guard turned out to be a rapist. And EMW's abortionist botched an abortion on a 16-year-old Indiana girl that Planned Parenthood brought across state lines to evade parental consent laws.

Someone wanted "self abortion". Not something I'd recommend, lest you end up like these women.

And, whoever is searching, yes, until 1972 it really was legal to kill Mormons in Missouri. In fact, it was your civic duty, since there was an Extermination Order on the books. So I guess that between 1838 and 1972, Mormons living or visiting in Missouri were only ambulatory blobs of tissue.

Someone else was looking for abortion and midwives. (For some reason the idea of midwives bloodying their hands with abortion is even more repulsive to me than the idea of doctors doing it.) I keep a list of women who died from illegal abortions performed by people with some medical training, which would include midwives.

I have this to say about "coathanger abortions".

And the most recent searcher wanted information on Spring Adams, the 13-year-old Idaho incest victim who was left in the care or her rapist-father while arrangements were made for a secret abortion. She was shot to death in her bed by her abuser. Nice work, guys. Maybe next time you could consider having the girl removed from the home and her rapist put in jail instead of acting as if an abortion is some magic bullet that will fix everything. But that's just me. I think girls like Spring Adams deserve better than an abortion and a return to their abusers for more rape, or for murder.

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