Thursday, November 01, 2007

My, how they've grown

"Medical Students for Choice" (and by "choice" they mean "abortion") has grown by leaps and bounds. They proudly tout their success in pressuring teaching facilities to become death trainers, and their fellow medical students to become killers instead of healers:

* Coordinated a strong network of student leaders on medical school campuses across the United States and Canada, including groups in traditionally conservative areas of both countries;
* Established formal MSFC campus groups at 123 medical schools;
* Increased our membership from 4,000 in early 1999 to over 10,000 in 2005;
* Established electives, or other opportunities for abortion education, at medical schools across the U.S. and Canada;
* Matched hundreds of student externs with reproductive health facilities in the U.S. and Canada through the Reproductive Health Externship Program;
* Held 7 successful Leadership Training Programs, which offer MSFC student leaders the opportunity to develop effective community organizing skills; and
* Held twelve successful Annual Meetings serving more than 2,850 medical students and residents from across North America.

I could vomit just reading it.

If you can't get near an abortion facility to pray on the penultimate day of 40 Days for Life, consider committing to praying that MSFC will go the way of the dodo as young aspiring doctors wake up and realize that you don't help women by killing their children.

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