Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just devastating!

Planned Parenthood is evidently making a tactical retreat from several of its Michigan facilities. They're shutting down Planned Parenthood of West Michigan and Planned Parenthood of Northern Michigan.

Planned Parenthood has seen $700,000 in funding vanish as the state Department of Community Health uses a new formula to determine where health dollars go. The new equation focuses on the percentage of clients who are below the poverty line rather than how many clients a center sees.

In other words, PP can no longer bill the taxpayer at exhorbitant rates for cheap and free "services" to people who can afford to go to a real health care center. The heart just breaks. Though this explains why Planned Parenthood of Mid-Michigan remains open for business. Their victims are poor and thus they can still bill the taxpayers for abusing them:

The following cases are from my notes involving Planned Parenthood of Mid-Michigan was a member of the National Abortion Federation.

  • A suit by patient L.H. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Dr. Alan Beer at Planned Parenthood of Mid-Michigan on July 16, 1985. No ultrasound was performed to determine gestational age. Beer ruptured the amniotic sac, then referred Harat to University of Michigan Medical Center, where five days later she gave birth to a 2 lb. 3 1/2 oz premature infant boy of approximately 25-29 weeks gestation. The infant, named Bryan, suffered developmental delay, intracranial bleeding, hydrocephalus, and disfigurement.

  • A suit by patient C.J. alleged that she was attended a counseling appointment on June 22, 1987, and expressed concern that her pregnancy might be tubal or otherwise abnormal because the of "spotty watery bleeding she was experiencing and because this pregnancy was unlike her previous pregnancies." C.J. was assured that a doctor would examine her on June 23, just prior to the abortion, and decide if an ultrasound was necessary. C.J. arrived on June 23 for abortion, was given medicine, and was "instructed to put on a hospital gown and to get on a table and put her feet into stirrups." Seabrook "appeared and attempted to abort her pregnancy without examining Plaintiff." C.J. heard Seabrook comment that he was not "getting much material." Three or four days later, C.J. again experienced watery bleeding and backache, and she "felt tired, depressed and very pregnant." She attempted to contact the clinic on June 27, and left a message on their answering machine. Her call was returned by Nurse Shaw who told her "that her feelings of pregnancy could last for several weeks and assured her that they would go away." On June 29, C.J. had to be taken home from class a by friend due to severe pain. She went to the clinic later that day, per instructions, and was given 3 pelvic exams by Nurse Froebel, who detected an adnexal abdominal mass, and recommended that C.J. see her private physician or go to a hospital. C.J. stayed home the next day, "exhausted and without any energy." She attempted to attend class the following morning, but had to be taken to a faculty lounge to lie down due to pain. An ambulance was called, and emergency room personnel determined that she was hemorrhaging. C.J. required emergency surgery due to a ruptured fallopian tube. She was hospitalized one week. The laboratory report had detected "scanty chorionic villi," indicating that the abortion had not removed the fetus. C.J. alleged negligence in failing to perform other tests and procedures to determine cause of her symptoms.

  • With patient S.R., the State of Michigan sued Planned Parenthood to recover $7400 Medicaid money paid out for care "for the injuries sustained ... as a result of the alleged negligence and malpractice of the defendants." S.R.'s June 29, 1983 abortion at Planned Parenthood was unsuccessful, and the continuing pregnancy was detected and aborted when S.R. sought a tubal ligation later at University of Michigan Hospital.

  • A suit by patient B.M. alleged breach of confidentiality: after her January 10, 1989 abortion, the medical lab that ran the pregnancy test sent a bill to her home, resulting in B.M.'s mother learning of the abortion.

  • HT: The Dignity of Human Life.

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