Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Searches: Atlanta abortions, and an assortment of individuals

  • Betty Hines was 21 years old when she died of sickle-cell crisis triggered by a safe and legal abortion performed in a California hospital on July 19, 1971. Other women who died of sickle cell crisis triggered by abortion include Margaret Davis and Sheryl Roe.

  • The National Abortion Federation is a sort of abortionists' guild that promises the moon and delivers pretty much the same quackery as other abortionists, including fatal quackery. Caveat emptor. In spades.

  • Bill and Karen Bell are the parents of Becky Bell, the Indiana teenager who died of pneumonia while keeping a pregnancy a secret from her parents. Her parents saw the word "abortion" on her autopsy report and evidently didn't understand that it's the medical word for a miscarriage. The abortion lobby, comprised of people who knew better, decided not to enlighten them but to instead use them as a human shield in their battle against parental involvement laws. So the teens who really did die because of secret abortions -- Dawn Ravenelle, Erica Richardson, and Sandra Kaiser spring to mind -- get swept under the rug, and Becky, who miscarried, becomes the poster child for treating parents like they're the enemy and abortionists as if they're saviors. Yeah, like they saved Dawn, Erica, and Sandra. Nice work, guys.

  • Ida Cantor was the illegal abortionist responsible for the death of "Patsy" Roe.

  • Curtis Wickliffe was the father of a baby girl who died of injuries sustained during a botched delivery by abortionist Ronachai Banchongmanie. Never trust your baby to an abortionist.

  • Somebody was looking for "abortion deaths Dallas 2007". Is there something I don't know about? Has anybody heard anything?

  • And Alberto Hodari remains a popular search. This National Abortion Federation member worked at Woman Care Clinic and Detroit Memorial Hospital. He is believed to have performed the fatal abortions on Tamia Russell (pictured) and Chivon Williams. Despite -- or prehaps because of -- all this, Medical Students for Choice think he's the bee's knees. Though I think they could pick a better role model, myself.

  • As for "abortions up to 27 weeks Atlanta, Georgia", we have the fatal ones performed on Catherine Pierce, Geneva Calton, Angela Scott and Deloris Smith (Two in one day! How fortunate they were safe and legal!), Arnetta Hardaway, Jacqueline Reynolds, and Demetrice Andrews. Then there's Midtown Hospital, that got caught performing illegal third-trimester abortions, and performed the fatal abortion on Sara Niebel. If this is what you're into, go to town.
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