Friday, November 02, 2007

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Somebody was looking for "safe at home self abortions". First of all, there's no such thing as an abortion that's safe for your baby. Second, there's no such thing as an abortion that's safe for your soul. Third, are you NUTS? Do you want to end up like Daisy, Penny, or Kris? The best you can hope for is to live to repent.

Someone else wanted "william waddill baby". William Baxter Waddill is the creepy S.O.B. who got away with strangling a live born infant in the NICU because the jury found out that the state of California had a definition of "death" that wasn't covered in the trial. Waddill, of course, by proving his commitment to providing the mother with a dead baby regardless of the location the killing takes place in, managed to get himself hired by National Abortion Federation member Family Planning Associates Medical Group, a chain where the following women and girls suffered fatal abortions: Deanna Bell, Chanelle Bryant, Patricia Chacon, Laniece Dorsey, Josefina Garcia, Denise Holmes, Susan Levy, Christine Mora, Kimberly Neil, Joyce Ortenzio, Mary Pena, and Tami Suematsu.

Somebody was searching for "Marguerite Reed kansas ". She's a Tiller employee who was involved in the death of Christin Gilbert.

A couple of people wanted "josepha seletz ". Seletz is associated with Eve Surgical Center, where Oriane Shevin got her fatal dose of RU-486.

Several people were looking for Laura Grunas. She's the Florida police officer who killed her baby's father, then herself, after an abortion.

And last but not least, some soul, for some reason, was searching for "andre nehorayoff ". Nehorayoff is the New Jersy abortionist responsible for the deaths of "Ellen" and "Faye".

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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