Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today's Searches: Legal and illegal deaths

Amante Rongetti was the first person ever sentenced to die in the Illinois electric chair -- and his crime was the death of an illegal abortion patient, Loretta Enders. He was also the first physician ever sentenced to die for the death of a patient. His lawyer was able to convince the courts to spare Rongetti's life -- to free him, in fact. This allowed him to perform a fatal abortion on Elizabeth Palumbo the very next year. Nice work, guys.

Alberto Hodari, (pictured) the abortionist who killed Tamia Russel and Chivon Williams remains a popular search.

For abortion effects on mom go read Ashli's blog. Check every year on January 30th. She's also a good source for mental state after abortion.

Katie O'Connell is one of the Medical Students for Choice who invited Alberto Hodari (see above) to speak at Wayne State University. Surely you can do better than him for a role model, Katie!

For evidence of deaths after illegal abortion, here are some post-Roe. Those before Roe I divided into those performed by amateurs, paramedical people such as nurses and midwives, and (the most common) physicians.

Gloria Aponte died in 1986 after a safe and legal abortion performed in Connecticut by National Abortion Federation member Hanan Rotem -- who got caught allowing an untrained receptionist to administer general anesthesia.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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