Friday, December 07, 2007

Antichoice prochoicers win another round

Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre Bullied out of Fundraiser by Vicious Abortion Crusaders
Ottawa's First Place Pregnancy Centre has told the charitable foundation of the Ottawa Senators hockey team that it will be pulling out of a fundraising scheme because of negative publicity after attacks in the press on its pro-life position. The Ottawa Citizen reports that First Place told the foundation it would be pulling out of the fundraising drive after being called "anti-choice" by Planned Parenthood in a press release and "sinister" by CBC columnist Heather Mallick.

First Place was to be among three charities in Ottawa to receive the proceeds of a Christmas tree raffle organised by a group of Senators' wives and girlfriends called the Better Halves. Terri Mazik, executive director of First Place, told the Ottawa Citizen they withdrew for fear of tarnishing the foundation's positive image.

She said, "We felt, under the circumstances, they were doing a wonderful thing by including us and they did not deserve to be receiving the negative press."

First Place does make it clear on their web site that they do not perpetrate or refer for abortions:

  • "Abortion referrals not provided."
  • "Our counsel is that abortion compounds rather than solves the problems associated with a crisis pregnancy. First Place Pregnancy Centre never advises, provides, or refers for abortions or abortifacients."

    Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates pretend that they're about "choice". But as the First Place main page says, "If you only have one choice, do you really have a choice at all?"

    The antichoicers have won the battle, but let's not let them win the war. You can donate to First Place here.
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