Thursday, December 27, 2007

Today's searches: Quacks, abortion as birth control, nastiness, and complications

  • Dr. Daniel McBrayer : Atlanta Surgi-Center, Atlanta, GA. National Abortion Federation member responsible for the death of Catherine Pierce, who lingered for months in a coma caused by an apparent anesthesia screw-up during her safe and legal abortion.

  • Are abortions used as birth control? A better question would be "How often are abortions used as birth control?" The answer depending on how you define "using abortion as birth control". The hard-liners, defining "abortion as birth control" as any abortion chosen because the woman doesn't want to have the baby, put the "abortions as birth control" rate at 95%. The middle ground, judging by repeat abortions, puts "abortions as birth control" at 45%. And the most conservative count, just counting abortions on women who weren't using contraception, put "abortions as birth control" at 42%. Even the low end, the conservative estimate of 42%, is still, by anybody's reckoning, a lot of abortions.

  • Laura Hope Smith (pictured) died on the abortion table at Women Health Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts, under the care of Dr. Rapin Osathanondh, this past September. Osathanondh had put Laura under general anesthesia although he was being assisted only by a receptionist.

  • Gardasil debate. The question seeming to be "Are our daughters just a bunch of rutting ginuea pigs that we can test experimental drugs on? Or are they people who deserve to be treated as individuals?"

  • 14-week abortions. Probably more about them than the searcher really wanted to know.

  • Nasty stuff. A popular search. I've provided nastiness here, here, and here.

  • Coagulopathy. Fatal, from abortion: Angel Dardie, Sophie McCoy, Vanessa Preston, Patricia Chacon, Rhonda Rollinson, Rosa Roe, Nichole Williams, Nancy Roe, Kris Humphrey, Sherri Roe, Erica Roe, Rosie Jimenez, Christi Roe.

  • Darlene Wood died of anesthesia complications after a safe and legal abortion at Temple University Hospital, performed by Renga Rajan, who was also sued over the safe and legal abortion death of Iris Velazquez.

  • Ruptured uterus after abortion: Laura A. (scroll down) at San Vicente Hospital (survived); Jackie Bailey at Pacific Glen Hospital (fatal); Brittany under the care of Nabil Ghali (survived); Cheryl Tubbs at Pacific Glen Hospital (fatal); Serena Roe (fatal); Magdalena Rodriguez under the care of Suresh Gandotra (fatal); Rhonda B. (scroll down) at Chattanooga Women's Clinic (survived); Janet C. at Inglewood (survived); Diana S. under the care of Rebecca Stanley (survived); an unnamed patient (scroll down) at the same Planned Parenthood that performed the fatal abortion on Diana Lopez (pictured, with her children); Mindi at A - Z, the same facility where Lou Anne Herron and Lisa Bardsley underwent their fatal abortions; Gail Roe (fatal). More cases are written up here.

  • Douglas Karpen is the Texas provider of vital reproductive health care services who performed the fatal abortion on Denise Montoya

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