Friday, December 14, 2007

Searches" A Woman's Choice, a woman's "choice", and how to tell a back alley butcher from a provider of vital reproductive health care services

  • A Woman's Choice Clinic. The only one I have on file is in North Carolina. News articles indicate that in first two months of operation, hospital emergency rooms had treated at least three patients with complications from abortion, at least one of those cases called "life threatening." AWC was operated by William Brenner, Jr. One story states that the administrator of another facility complained that her facility has dealt with A Woman's Choice patients unable to contact AWC doctors after-hours, and that she had filed complaints with the medical board alleging poor care at A Woman's Choice. (Spartanburg Herald-Journal 8-26-94; Raleigh News & Observer 8-25-94) I have been unable to determine if the William Brenner who operated AWC is the same Dr. William E. Brenner who was a member of the National Abortion Federation Standards Committee. That particular Dr. Brenner was charged with overstating fetal age to charge more for abortions at his Triangle Women's Health Center. After Brenner was sentenced to 4 months in federal prison for tax evasion, his son told a reporter that Brenner "was vacationing in the Bahamas before going to prison," and that "his father hoped to continue practicing while incarcerated." Brenner allegedly "avoided paying thousands of dollars in taxes by diverting income to foreign corporations and bank accounts," and that "he wrote off several personal items as business assets. (Raleigh News & Observer 8-29-92)

  • Geraldine Griffiths is the British woman who learned that she had aborted both her sons because she'd been misdiagnosed as being a carrier of a form of muscular dystrophy. But hey, she was able to "make a choice" albeit based on faulty information, so no harm, no foul, right?

  • "should RU-486 be encouraged for females?" Not unless you have some sort of animosity toward them and hope to see them hemorrhaging, infected, and possibly dead.

  • Laura Smith, who died this past September after a safe and legal abortion in Massachusetts, remains a popular search.

  • Jackie Bailey died in 1977 of uterine rupture from a safe and legal saline abortion performed at Pacific Glen Hospital in Los Angeles County, California.

  • Back-alley abortion? Sort through the hundreds of deaths I've documented here, and decide for yourself which ones classify as "back-alley abortion" and which ones are "vital reproductive health care services." I'd welcome your suggestions for how to sort them.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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