Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Searches: Back alley butchery and other nasty stuff

  • Sarah Jo Izard is the Florida woman who did two home abortions on herself and stored the fetuses in the shed.

  • Looking for "back alley butcher" stories? Barbara Lofrumento's abortionist chopped her up and flushed her down the toilet and garbage disposal when she died under his care. Jacqueline Smith's abortionist, and the boyfriend who had arranged the fatal abortion, cut her up, wrapped her in Christmas paper, and tossed the pieces in New York City public trash cans. When Angela Sanchez died, her abortionist called an accomplice to help her stuff the body into the trunk of Angela's car. Magdalena Rodriguez was left unattended, bleeding out on the floor. Suresh Gandotra raped patients in his filthy abortion mill. Gaylene Golden died under the care of Joe Bills Reynolds, who had his janitor administering anesthesia in his trash-littered operating room. Nabil Ghali had mold growing on his suction machine. Is this enough? I've got more.

  • All the deaths from abortion I know about are collected here. If you're looking for something more specific, use the search box at the top of the page.

  • Dr. Abofreka had slipped my mind. I didn't recognize his name when he came up in the searches, but I'd blogged about him back in 2006, when the Virginia medical board suspended his license for providing slipshod care to both abortion patients and obstetric patients. Hint, ladies: Don't go to an abortionist for prenatal care.

  • Back by popular demand, 14-week abortion and the attendant joys thereof.
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