Sunday, December 23, 2007

Search: Dr. Robert F. Meger

Somebody was searching for Dr. Robert F. Meger. Here are the cases I have on file:

Mary L., age 29, filed suit against Dr. Robert F. Meger and Birth Control Care Center after an abortion she underwent there at Meger's hands on November 24, 1986. The suit says that Meger "punctured [Mary's] uterus and gouged out a portion of [her] colon." Twice Mary called the clinic to report pain, fever, and bleeding. Meger diagnosed her trouble as a urinary tract infection. Three days after the abortion, Mary was admitted to ths hospital, "wherein an intact fetus of 12 approximate weeks gestation, including an umbilical cord, and placental tissue were removed from Mary's abdominal cavity." Rather than remove the fetus, Meger had shoved it through a hole in Mary's uterus and left it there. Mary had to undergo surgery to repair her damaged uterus and colon. She was hospitalized for seven days. (Clark County District Court Cse No. A275976)

Ms. C, age 33, sued after an abortion by Meger (probably Robert F. Meger), affiliated with Birth Control Care Center, without first properly performing Rh factor testing and without administering Rho-gam. As a result, Ms. C became Rh-sensitized, and her subsequent baby, bing Rh-negative, required a total blood exchange. Ms. C was permanently Rh-sensitized, and will have problems with all future pregnancies.

Ms. P, age 35, alleged that on day two of a second-trimester abortion by Meger (probably Robert F. Meger), her uterus was perforated, resulting in bleeding into her abdomen. She went into shock and was transported to a hospital. There, she was found to have blood pressure of 40/20. She required five hours of surgery, including a hysterectomy.

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