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Twenty-year-old Gloria Aponte went to National Abortion Federation member Hanan Rotem in Stamford, Connecticut, for an abortion on April 19, 1986. A few hours after the abortion, Gloria was declared dead from hemorrhage at a nearby hospital. Rotem claimed that Gloria had died from an amniotic fluid embolism. An investigation by health officials found that Rotem had failed to perform necessary blood tests, and had permitted a receptionist with no medical training to administer anesthesia.

Rotem, by the way, also worked at Eastern Women's Center, the NAF facility where Dawn Mack, Dawn Ravenelle, and Venus Ortiz underwent their fatal abortions. There, Rotem performed an abortion on Angela H. on January 22, 1982. Angela sued, claiming an incomplete abortion and perforated uterus requiring corrective surgery and leaving her with scarring and subsequent recurrent urinary tract infections. A jury found that Rotem failed to arrange appropriate follow-up, that Angela was not adequately advised of the risks prior to her abortion, and that a reasonable person would not have consented to the surgery had she been adequately informed of the risks. (NY County Supreme Court Index No. 27563/82)

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