Monday, December 10, 2007

Searches: The creepy, the dead, and home abortion tea

  • "aborting a 27 week fetus": Dr. C.J. LaBenz was charged with unlawful abortion and criminal neglegence in 1979 for initiating what he estimated was a 19 to 20 week abortion, only to have the woman expel a 27-week boy, who was put in a dirty utility room and permitted to die of neglect. Karla W. visited the office of Dr. Robert Agee, who told her that she was 12 weeks pregnant and that the fetus had died; he induced contractions to cause Karla to expel the fetus, which turned out to be a 27-week little girl Karla lamed Lauren; Lauren died due to extreme prematurity. The charges filed against George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas include two abortions performed at 27 weeks; one was to "cure" "Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode" and the other was for a fetus that was supposedly non-viable but there was no documentation of how this was determined. Fred H. Pulver (scroll down) initiated an abortion on a woman he said was in the first trimester, only to have her expel a live 27-week baby boy five days later.

  • Tommy Tucker performed the fatal abortion on Angela Hall.

  • Esther Pimentel was one of a team of doctors who managed collectively to end the life of abortion patient Diane Watson.

  • Carol Anne Shiels is one of the people who signed the Planned Parenthood petition attacking prolife pregnancy centers. Carol Anne added the comment "FRAUD comes in all shapes and sizes." To which I would add, "one of the most distinctive being the PP logo." Especially since the whole petition and the attendant fundraising drive was a hoax in the first place. Had any other organization solicited funds this way, criminal charges would have been filed.

  • Deaths from safe abortions, also sorted by year or by state. These lists are from the Life Dynamics "Tombstone Poster" and thus are incomplete. See the Cemetery of Choice for more safe and legal deaths, as well as illegal abortion deaths.

  • Ronald Tauber performed the fatal abortion on Gloria Small. Tauber was also charged with sex crimes including sexually assaulting a prepubescent girl.

  • Herbal abortion teas, embraced by some women as natural and safe and gentle, are how Kris Humphrey and Penny Roe ended up killing themselves.
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