Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Mexico abortion facility torched

Eyewitness Accounts Confirm Arson In Abortion Clinic Fire

Abortion Acceptance of Albuquerque, New Mexico, run by National Abortion Federation founding member Curtis Boyd, was damaged by fire late Thursday night. The fire was quickly contained and the damage seemed to have been limited to one office.

Witnesses described seeing two men in hooded sweatshirts throwing gas into the building and torching it -- after one witness had called out to them and let them know they'd been seen!

The whole thing smells pretty fishy to me, but unlike the abortion lobby, which is already assuming that prolifers are behind the fire, I'll not speculate. We can all thank God that nobody was injured, and pray that the perpetrators are caught and that their motives are discovered. Those of us who recognize the harm abortion does can also lament that the fire has in no way diminished Boyd's enthusiasm for the practice and he's reportedly scraping women out at another location.

Boyd also owns Fairmount Center in Dallas, Texas, where he performed the fatal abortion on Vanessa Preston.

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