Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Searches: assorted butchery, for the most part

  • Eastern Women's Center is the National Abortion Federation member clinic where Venus Ortiz, Dawn Mack, and Dawn Ravenelle underwent their fatal abortions.

  • Leo Kenneally was the owner/operator of the notorious Her Medical Clinic in California. He performed the fatal abortion on Lilliana Cortez. After her death, and the deaths of Michelle Thames and Maria Soto, and a complaint from a local hospital flooded with botched abortion cases, the state moved to shut Kenneally's facility down. Kenneally instead legally closed the facility and re-opened it as his private office, which would not have to be licensed by the state. Donna Heim later died there. Keneally also botched abortions at Inglewood Women's Clinic. (Scroll to the bottom.)

  • By "Helen's abortion" I assume the searcher wants information about the patient named Helen featured in the old Frontline show about abortion, rather than about Helen Clark, who died in 1941 after a criminal abortion performed by a blind lay abortionist; Helen Roe, who died after an illegal abortion by Annas Witlow Brown; Moris Helen Herron, who died of peritonitis after a safe and legal abortion in 1983; Helen Koss, who died from an abortion performed by a Chicago midwife in 1924; or Helen Bain, who died in 1924 after an abortion by Dr. George Slater.

  • Kevon Walker is the 21-year-old man charged with getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant three times in six months. The first of the three resulting abortins, Walker said, was the girl's mother's idea. Fat lot of good it did, Mom, to get her vacuumed out without getting the guy who got her pregnant arrested! It bewilders me that prolifers are supposedly the ones obsessed with fetuses, when there are evidenly plenty of prochociers who are equally obsessed, if not more so; it's just that they think that killing fetuses solves everything.

  • Herbal abortion teas, embraced by some women as natural and safe and gentle, remain a popular search. They are how Kris Humphrey and Penny Roe ended up killing themselves.

  • We had another search for Emily Zall. She was one of the people who evidently believed that supporting Planned Parenthood is supporting unbiased and accurate information for frightened women contemplating abortion. She signed a PP petition, adding "Government funded organizations must give accurate information." It would be lovely if Planned Parenthood was actually living up to Emily's expectations. Emily -- it was the unconscionable lies and malpractice Planned Parenthood perpetrated on my babysitter that pushed me off the fence into the prolife camp. I doubt that most decent people could know the kinds of thing this organization does and not want to see them shut down on the spot.

  • "embryo toilet" is an odd search. I did blog about this Live Journal blogger who was delighted to examine her embryo, which she expelled into the toilet. Most women aren't quite as thrilled when they expel the results of their abortions.

  • Abortion victim Deanna Bell, 13 years old, overdosed on Brevitol by Steve Lichtenberg, National Abortion Federation abortionist extrordinaire, at the Chicago Branch of Fast Eddie Allred's Family Planning Associates Medical Group. FPA's other dead include Chanelle Bryant, Patricia Chacon, Laniece Dorsey, Josefina Garcia, Denise Holmes, Susan Levy, Christina Mora, Kimberly Neil, Joyce Ortenzio, Mary Pena, and Tami Suematsu.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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