Saturday, December 08, 2007

Start planning now for Abortionists' Day in March

Just a reminder that March 10 has been designated "National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers" by the abortion lobby. Though it was originally launched with much fanfare, it seems to be petering out over the years and becoming more of a day for prolifers to remember abortionists than for prochoicers to "appreciate" them. They've not forgotten that this was supposed to be a day where the people they "help" let them know how much they're appreciated. I picture the abortionists sitting lonely and forgotten, like the Maytag Repairman. This is where we can step into the gap!

Priests for Life had suggested March 9 as "National Day of Invitation for Abortion Providers" to invite them to repent and reform. I don't see why we can't do it March 10 so that we're using the same day. In fact, it would be a powerful witness if the only people reaching out to abortionists on their special day were prolifers.

The National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers is mainly intended to overcome the powerful negatives of working in abortion. Dr. Rachel McNair has explored the stresses of abortion work in her Achieving Peace in the Abortion War. I'll not repeat Dr. McNair's findings here. I heartily recommend that between now and March 10, each and every person who is called to stand for life read this book online, prayerfully, with a heart open to ideas of how we can reach the folks who've fallen for the lie that abortion helps women.

Keep in mind that we're not dealing with evil people who enjoy killing babies. Yes, there's greed. Yes, there's egotism. But a common underlying motivation is the idea that somehow what they're doing is helping the patients. The typical abortion worker views himself as bravely overcoming his natural revulsion at destroying fetal life in order to better the lives of women.

So what we need to do is break through that illusion. With that in mind, let's look at Refuse and Resist's suggestions, and see where we can get ideas to reach these lost souls and help them break free. Refuse and Resist suggested the following activities for abortion fans last year:
  • Praise clinic staff and doctors with cards and letters of appreciation. Let them know they have your support and thanks.
  • Bring your local clinic staff flowers or a breakfast basket of fruit or muffins.
  • Organize local appreciation day events.
  • Organize with others to hold a March 10th dinner with area providers.
  • Step up to the front lines and be a volunteer clinic escort.
  • Ask your local provider how you can help.
  • Write your local newspaper, call talk shows to express support.
  • Take out ads in your newsletters and local newspapers.
  • Use your imagination, creativity and dedication to help create a climate at clinics where women, doctors and staff can hold their heads high without feeling shamed or fearing assault.

My suggestions, based on the R&R list:
  • Send clinic staff letters gently letting them know that though they may have meant well, they hurt you or your loved one.
  • Bring your local staff gift baskets that include information on the Society of Centurions, or Clinic Make the gifts real gifts, like gift cards for a restaurant, a nice flower basket, bath salts, and so forth, not phony "gifts" intended to crush the worker's spirit, like bloody dismembered baby dolls, baby clothes, etc.
  • Organize a local event to increase awareness of how abortion hurts women, or provide a respectful counter-presence at locally organized pro-abortion events.
  • Organize a job fair to help link clinic staff with people willing to give them new jobs that will allow them to escape the abortion business.
  • Be a presence outside abortion facilities, reminding staff, patients, and the public of women who've been harmed there.
  • Invite your local abortion staff to coffee, to let him or her vent in a safe environment without fear of being labeled a traitor.
  • Write to your local newspaper, and call talk shows, to educate people about the harm abortion does to women. Take out an ad in your local paper.
  • Use your imagination to create a climate in which abortion staff know that it's safe for them to approach you should they ever need your help.

Keep your eyes open for events being planned to keep abortionists in thrall. Think of ways to counter these efforts. Let's be a soft place for these wounded souls to land.


Jason Efron said...

What an outstanding suggestion! It is my suspicion that many in the "pro-choice" community who know that what they're doing is hurtful have developed a stubborn sort of automatic hateful response to any pro-lifer because they feel that we hate them.

I know and you know that the majority of pro-lifers are loving and caring and feel the way we do because we love people. What better way to show our love than to follow your thoughtful suggestions?

Christina Dunigan said...

I think I might try to arrange a meeting with an abortion worker and give him a copy of Carol Everett's book, and talk about the satisfaction of working with women who start out crying and end up with joy because they have their babies, versus the current work of they come in crying, they walk out numb, and you try to convince yourself they're really that much better off.

Anonymous said...

just two brief thoughts:

1) the organization I was on the board for did not do the specified appreciation day because we did multiple "thank yous" to providers throughout the year, including Christmas/Hannukah, Valentine's Day, and Good Friday (the day the providers in the area had the largest number of protesters). our remembrance wasn't limited to one day.

2) a logistical note on gift baskets - because clinics must be so cautious about who they let into their facilities and who they take packages from, getting a gift basket into a clinic would be unlikely. I had to call ahead and make special arrangements to drop off a gift basket for a local provider last year, and I was delivering it on behalf of a pro-choice organization. I think it would be difficult for a pro-life group or individual who did not have a relationship with clinic staff to deliver anything.

Christina Dunigan said...

Isn't that special!

Whereas the rest of the country seems to have dropped the ball.

Anonymous said...

are you sure? have you been monitoring the work of local pro-choice organizations around the country in regards to this?

Christina Dunigan said...

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you're all full of warm fuzzies all year all over the place. But it's the San Francisco groups that are always posting online about the ... I was gonna say "warm fuzzies," but BAYCOR is too militant for warm fuzzies.