Saturday, December 08, 2007

Searches: A rougues' gallery for the most part

  • Rapin Osathanondh is the provider of vital reproductive health care services who performed the fatal abortion on Laura Hope Smith this past September in Massachusetts.

  • "Back Alley Butchers". How about Jesse Ketchum, Milan Vuitch, and Benjamin Munson.

  • Ronachai Banchongmanie is a seedy abortionist and erstwhile National Abortion Federation member that the ACLU went to bat for back in 2001.

  • Delhi Thweatt is the abortion provider who provided Kelly Morse with death during her abortion at Hillcrest Women's Medical Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1996.

  • Gerald Zupnick botched abortions at NAF member clinic Bill Baird Center.

  • 20-week fetus: Before. During: illustration (23 weeks -- as close as I could find). During: photo. After.

  • Prenatal misdiagnosis

  • Deaths during abortion. Over 500 of them. There's a search box at the top to help you find something more specific.

  • Atlanta Surgi-Center Investigation. Somebody else was looking for "Tyrone Malloy nightmare" -- and Malloy is their head abortionist. Whatup with that? Atlanta Surgi-Center was the National Abortion Federation member facility that provided Catherine Pierce with her fatal abortion. Have they gotten caught with their pants down again?

  • Laminaria and death - Edrica Goode, Planned Parenthood.

  • George Kabacy is the Washington and Oregon abortionist who pleaded guilty to possession of over 8,000 pornographic images of children, including pictures involving the children in bondage and bestiality. He worked for Planned Parenthood as well, which makes their holiday card ironically apt.
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