Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Search: Infection after abortion

Someone was looking for infection after abortion. I have 73 cases listed here. A sample:

  • Dorothy Brown, age 37, underwent an abortion at Friendship Medical Clinic in Chicago on August 16, 1974. Within hours, she was dead at a nearby hospital.

  • Chanelle Bryant was given the drugs for a chemical abortion at a Family Planning Associates Medical Group facility in California.

  • Marla Cardamone was browbeaten into an unwanted abortion by a social worker at Magee Women's Hospital.

  • Betty Damato was given a trash bag, and instructions to collect whatever she expelled in the bag and bring it to her abortion provider.

  • Edrica Greene died on Valentine's Day of 2007, after a nurse at Planned Parenthood ignored a vaginal infection and inserted laminaria anyway.

  • Carolina Gutierrez suffered multiple amputations before finally dying of sepsis from her safe and legal abortion.

  • Rosie Jimenez saved ten dollars by going to a midwife for an illegal abortion instead of going to Planned Parenthood for a legal aboriton.

  • Joyce Johnson died after allowing prochoice icon Harvey Karman (pictured) to perform an abortion on her with a nutcracker in a motel room.

  • Susan Levy was found dead in the car she had been living in.

  • Maria Lira: An autopsy found a decomposing fetus in her uterus.

  • Sophie McCoy died after abortion at the hands of National Abortion Federation member Abu Hayat.

  • Yvonne Mesteth was the second of two patients to die of infection after abortions by erstwhile criminal abortionist Benjamin Munson.

  • Katherine Morse was one of the customers of an airfare-plus-abortions package tourism company that opened in Texas when California legalized abortion.

  • Germaine Newman had a second-trimester abortion performed by Dr. E. Wyman Garrett in Newark, New Jersey. The next morning, her mother found her lying dead on the bathroom floor.

  • Allegra Roseberry was falsely told her baby was "doomed" in order to convince her to abort.

  • Tamia Russell was brought to Womancare in Detroit for an illegal third trimester abortion -- at the behest of her abuser's sister.

  • Stella Saenz had arranged for a legal abortion in the spring of 1968.

  • Vivian Tran, like Holly Patterson, got her abortion drugs at a Planned Parenthood.

  • Brenda Vise died of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy after a chemical abortion at Volunteer Women's Clinic in Tennessee.

  • Ellen Williams had raging peritonitis after her abortion at Miami's Dadeland. The administrator gave her tea, the abortionist gave her a bottle of oral antibiotics.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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