Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Searches: Self induced and quacks

  • Dr. Nareshkumar Gandalal Patel is a seedy safe and legal abortionist, not to be confused with Manishkumar Patel, the guy who slipped his adulterous lover an abortion mickey. I will do a separate page soon at the main RealChoice site.

  • Laura Hope Smith, who died this past September on the abortion table at Women Health Center in Massachusetts, under the care of Dr. Rapin Osathanondh, remains a popular search.

  • Self-induced abortions? The fatal ones I know of I posted here. I included cases, some fatal, some not, from an old medical text here. I look at the proverbial "coathanger abortion" here. Coach Jim Izard's wife did self-induced abortions at home then stashed the fetuses in the shed.

  • Atlanta Surgi Center is a National Abortion Federation member. Though what this says about them or about NAF is pretty debatable. Catherine Pierce underwent an abortion at Atlanta Surgi-Center on March 11, 1989, performed by Daniel McBrayer, and died from the resulting injuries some months later in a nursing home. Atlanta Surgi-Center also operated at "Northside Women's Clinic", so it well might be the "Atlanta Northside" facility where Geneva Calton's fatal abortion was performed.

  • 28-week abortion. There is this case, for which Dr. Jose Gilberto Higuera was prosecuted. Scroll down to "Francine" here. You can scroll down here to "patient 7" at Midtown Hospital, a National Abortion Federation member. Read here about Dr. Sidney C. Laughlin, whose nurse reported that she quit afer seeing him abort a 28 week fetus. P. Scott Ricke got in trouble for starting an abortion at 28 weeks then sending the patient -- with the fetus protruding from her vagina -- to the hospital in a car. Jesse Floyd was indicted on charges of illegal abortion and murder in the death of a 2 lb 5 oz infant boy of approximately 27-28 weeks gestation who survived 20 days following a third-trimester abortion performed in Richland Memorial Hospital, South Carolina in September of 1974.

  • Brenda Pratt Shaffer, the nurse who converted from prochoice to prolife in three days after working in an abortion clinic, remains a popular search.

  • Philip Rand is a seedy abortionist who, thank God, had his medical license suspended by the state of California. This was a result of a botched abortion at the infamous Nick Braemer abortuary in Santa Ana. Rand took over there when Braemer's license was revoked on Halloween Day 2001. Rand has had over 45 judgements against him and he just filed for bankruptcy in 94 to avoid paying millions of dollars to the families that he had hurt.

  • Want to adopt a child with Down syndrome? Be prepared to wait in line.

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