Friday, December 07, 2007

Atlanta Surgi Center

Somebody was searching for "Surgi Center Atlanta Shutting Down". As far as I know, Antlanta Surgi-Center is not shutting down. Alas.

Check out their web site:
Celebrating 30 years of compassionate, reliable, and trustworthy medical services for women. Atlanta SurgiCenter has been performing abortions, providing gynecological care and educational services since 1973. .... Atlanta SurgiCenter complies fully with the standards of safety and professional care set by the National Abortion Federation.

Oh, yeah, they're members of the National Abortion Federation. Though what this says about them or about NAF is pretty debatable.

Catherine Pierce underwent an abortion at Atlanta Surgi-Center on March 11, 1989, performed by Daniel McBrayer. Catherine went into cardiac arrest while left unattended in the recovery room. State officials alleged "serious problems" after Peirce was injured. They cited the facility for administering "the same anesthesia dosages" to patients whose weights ranges from 107 to 167 pounds, inadequate record keeping, and inadequate supervision of patients. (Atlanta Constitution 5-12-89, AP 5-12-89)

State investigators indicated that they'd been turned away the first time they'd tried to inspect the facility, and were forced to stage a raid in order to obtain the records needed to investigate the mishap that later killed Catherine. The clinic complained that they'd only turned the state investigators away because they'd failed to display badges and a subpoena. They also complained to the press that the raid was "political harassment" due to the fact that an anti-abortion activist had complained to the state about the facility.

Catherine, meanwhile, was hospitalized, then transferred to a nursing home, where she died on October 10, leaving an 11-year-old girl motherless

Among the patient care problems cited, the investigators also said that they found discrepancies between the number of fetuses sent to the disposal lab and the number of abortions performed. In 1989 Atlanta Surgi-Center had logged 1,748 abortions, but had only sent 155 fetuses for disposal. In 1988 they had logged 2,774 abortions, but only sent 155 fetuses for disposal. In 1987 they logged 1,104 abortions but only sent 306 fetuses for disposal. The investigation into fetus disposal was prompted by local prolifers reporting that they had seen hundreds of fetuses in the clinic's dumpsters. Dr. Gay, the clinic director, denied the allegations. (AP 9-20-89, 9-22-89; Atlanta Constitution 9-21-89)

Atlanta Surgi-Center also operated at "Northside Women's Clinic", so it well might be the "Atlanta Northside" facility where Geneva Calton's fatal abortion was performed.

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