Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Searches: Quacks again. And another person trusting PP's honesty.

  • Kristin Hulett, from California, is one of the people who signed the Planned Parenthood petition protesting a prolife pregnancy center that existed only in the fevered imaginations of Planned Parenthood acolytes. Kristin added her own comment: " People, i.e. women, have a right to know that others are being honest and telling them the truth." Well, Kristen, consider your self told. Planned Parenthood was not being honest or telling the truth. They were not being honest or telling the truth when they put out a "Fact Sheet" and testified before Congress, claiming that late-abortion anesthesia killed the fetus. They were not being honest or telling the truth when they assured Christi Stile that the abortion clinic they were referring her to was safe. Planned Parenthood simply is not trustworthy.

  • Gerald Zupnik was sued multiple times for abortions he botched while working at for National Abortion Federation member Bill Baird Center. He practices in Massachusetts and New York. Along with Baird, Zupnick challenged the Massachusetts parental involvement law so that he could perform abortions on underage girls without informing or involving their parents.

  • Somebody searched for "planned parenthood goldengate reusing needles?" Does anybody know?

  • Ectopic baby survives. Rare, but not unheard-of.

  • Jim Izard is the coach whose wife, Sarah, did home abortions on herself and stashed the fetuses in a shed.

  • James Brillhart is the abortionist who performed an abortion on 15-year-old "Mistie Guthrie", over her parents' objections, in violation of the law. Mistie ended up hospitalized for suicidal depression.

  • Where to get abortions done in Louisville? The only abortionists I can find in Lousiville, KY, is National Abortion Federation member EMW Women's Surgical Center. Their security guard turned out to be a rapist. And EMW's abortionist botched an abortion on a 16-year-old Indiana girl that Planned Parenthood brought across state lines to evade parental consent laws. These guys don't seem to be really trustworthy, if you ask me.

  • "Julie" Roe was only 14 years old when she underwent a safe and legal abortion in New York on March 26, 1972. She had retained fetal tissue, which doctors tried to remove. During one of these attempts, Julie's uterus and bowel were perforated. She underwent a partial resection of her bowel and drainage of an abscess. But despite these procedures, she developed septicemia and peritonitis, dying on April 16.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Anonymous said...

    hey there good to see you are still going. Can I ask Christina just out of curosity so please do not throw yourself into this if you are super busy but........ is there any abortion clinc you think is safe for the preg. person? (as you feel the fetus is alive and a person it obviously cannot be safe for it) or do you feel that as the procedure itself is so dangerous that anybody doing is just plain putting the preg. person in to much danger?

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Great to see you achromic! I've been wondering about you! You're like an early Christmas present!

    Is there any place I think is safe for the pregnant woman? You're asking an honest question, knowing that I'm not endorsing the practice, so I will give you an honest answer, again with the caveat that this isn't a referral or an endorsement.

    And I'm not going to be gratuitiously graphic, just report what I know to indicate what my judgment is about this guy and why.

    Though he has hired at least one quack to fill in for him while he was away (Braxton Tabb, best known for routinely sending women home with a retained fetal head because he had trouble removing them), Warren Hern has kept his nose pretty clean.

    He did admit at a NAF meeting that he tried to treat a woman with an 18-week hydatidiform mole at his clinic when all his medical judgment told him it was best to put her in a hospital for the procedure. He figured that he'd save her some money and do her in his clinic, and she ended up needing to be hospitalized.

    (I'm getting this from what he said at a NAF meeting, so this is his version of the story.)

    He used her case as an example of "They don't sue you because you've injured them, they sue you because they think you don't care." He said he appologized to her, paid her hospital bills, and visited her every day, and there was no lawsuit.

    The prolifers in Boulder watch him like a hawk and are always wanting to catch him at something they can hang him with, so I don't think he has any skeletons in his closet.

    Now, he and Mildred Hanson did have a bit of a tiff at a NAF meeting. Hern's perferred way of making sure he gets the fetal head and not a maternal structure is to grab the skull and squeeze it with the forceps, and if you really do have the head the brains will ooze out the woman's cervix. He calls this the "calvarium show" and advocates then just pulling out what you have in your forceps because you then know it is indeed the head.

    Mildred Hanson argued with him that he should not do this because fetal brain tissue is the most likely tissue to cause clotting problems with the patient if it gets into her bloodstream. She recommends grabbing the skull with the forceps to steady it, then suctioning the brains out so that they're removed from the woman's body inside the uterus, not near the cervix where there may be small tears from pulling out bony parts, allowing entrance to the maternal bloodstream.

    The two of them bickered for a while. And what Hanson said made more sense to me, from a prevention of clotting disorders perspective, and that clotting problem -- DIC -- can kill a patient pretty quickly in spite of your best efforts.

    That said, I can't quite stomach Hanson as readily as Hern because she's had patients come forward with reports of pretty nasty physical and emotional abuse. I've never heard of a patient complaining about Hern.

    The other guy is Curtis Stover, whose only patient death I know of was really one of those "Well, all surgery has risks and if you do enough a patient is going to die sooner or later" cases. She did develop the DIC, which at that time they didn't realize could be triggered in the 2nd trimester extraction abortions. All the documentation from all the sources -- including the autopsy report and surgical reports, so this isn't just Boyd's word about it -- indicate that Boyd and his staff reacted appropriately and did everything medically possible for the patient, but not knowing to look for the DIC, it didn't occur to either them or the hospital staff, and she bled out and die.

    I've not seen any lawsuits or dirt on Suzanne Poppema either. Though she did clinical trials of RU-486 and reported how tough it was for her staff to get used to the heavy bleeding. She said patients coming back for their checkups were bleeding so badly that blood was running down their legs while they were standing at the counter signing in. That's a LOT of bleeding, and there's something creepy in the idea of "getting used to" that.

    So there are three where I'd say, "No evidence of outright quackery." That seem to be professional and to care about the patients. Though each comes with a bit of a caveat.

    Those are the closest to ringing endorsements I could muster.

    And all that said, you know I can't see how achieving a dead fetus is any real help. Kinda like amputating a limb for poison ivy. If the patient doesn't know the distress of the poison ivy would naturally go away, if he thought that the condition was permanent, he'd be grateful for the removal of the painful, itching, oozing limb, as much as he might grieve the loss, and as long as you can keep him in the dark about the fact that the poison ivy would have cleared up on its own he'll be grateful.

    The distress of a stressful pregnancy is self-limiting (this has been documented for decades, back to at least the 1950s) and can be dealt with by far less drastic means than the death of the fetus. And I think when women as a whole catch on to this, there's gonna be a huge backlash. Except among the women for whom it's not about alleviating distress, it's about the triumph of their own will over anything else.

    Anonymous said...

    I think you should post this and here is why. You say alot of stuff about very bad bad doctors and what they have done...... sometimes it makes my stomach hurt to see so much evil. (even tho I am not a christain I belive in evil. One day we will have to sit down and talk about that). It shows an amazing amount of tolarance and the abilty to be non judgemental. If the idea is to raise people's awarness of the risk of an abortion then this is imporant. As to having the procedure done to begin with the right and wrongs of it...... One of the things I was able to do while I was gone was visit a family of 4 one big brother 2 sisters and one small lil child...... all so hungry it hurt..... there is nothing absolutly nothing that makes me insane then to see people live next to a store going hungry. They lived on 150 food stamps the mother worked all night and got wic.... but the end of the month was cold... and hungry still. The grown ups tried not to eat so that the lil one would have more. I fed them of course..... I am still feeding them when I can (we are rather broke right now do to my illness and J. just starting out). I donno..... is it really ok to raise a child in hunger? if either girl got preg. now would it be fair to bring in another lil one? I donno.. I don't have the answers for them, they are living on the edge and surviving one more child could me alot of hunger.... if it was me making that choice..

    I am srry I was away for so long I was terribly sick (for most of it) but I am better now. I missed you a lot.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    I am very glad you're back, achromic, but sorry to hear you've been sick and now suffering to see people struggling so.

    I do know that my pregnancy with my son -- the pregnancy that had me thinking that abortion was my only option -- was the catalyst to improve my life. And I'm not the only one.

    I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, we were poor and struggling -- going to food banks and eating leftovers from the restaurant where my husband worked for minimum wage.

    One of the girls who worked at the restaurant, call her Susie, was a heroin addict. The son of the restaurant owner had gotten her hooked. He was a dealer.

    When Susie got pregnant, she quit her job to get away from the drug dealer, and went into detox for the sake of the baby. She moved in with her brother and managed to stay clean. We were all very worried about the baby, since Susie had been strung out on heroin when she got pregnant, but the baby was fine. Susie turned her life around.

    It's like the old adage that the Chinese word for "adversity" is the same as the Chinese word for "opportunity". (Don't know if that's really true or not.) Sometimes life gives you a kick in the pants and that is the impetus to make positive changes.

    I'd like to see what happened to Susie and to me happen to everybody. For the crisis to trigger a positive change.

    I know the prolifers I've been active with try to do this when they encounter a troubled pregnant woman.

    I was searching Ashli's blog for the entry about the wedding of the woman she'd helped, but I can't find it right now. I try to post the positive stuff, but there's a strong disinclination to toot one's own horn, so to speak.

    I guess I need to view it as tooting God's horn, since the people doing this are doing it are overwhelmingly Christians. But by the same token, they're not given to tooting their own horns, so they tend not to go into a whole lot of detail. They'll make note, "We put her in touch with Ashli" and they leave it at that on their blog, and Ashli is too busy with sorting baby clothes and helping the woman look for better housing to be blogging.

    Ah, but why aren't YOU, Christina, off doing it? It doesn't seem to be my calling. I can't stomach being outside the abortion facilities. The carnival atmosphere of the "escorts" enrages me and I end up in an impoent fury. Better to keep my distance. Not every tool in the box is a screwdriver, so to speak. Some of us are pencils.