Sunday, December 30, 2007

Clearing up what they're really all about

Longtime life activist Ed Snell of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was seriously injured when a man pushed him off the top of his car outside the Hillcrest abortion mill.

Ed and his wife and children frequently took troubled young women into their home. They cared for a woman's children while she was in prison. They've always been there when they're needed. Ed may be a thorn in Hillcrest's side, but he's a kind, gentle man who would give you the shirt off his back.

Then, when some young punk pushed him to the ground, causing the 69-year-old man head trauma, multiple spinal fractures, a broken shoulder blade and other injuries, the compassionate response of Hillcrest staff was to say that Ed "got what he deserved".

After New Year's I think I'll call Hillcrest and ask if they also think Kelly Morse got what she deserved.

Police refused to arrest the perpetrator, even as they were watching the wounded elderly man being loaded into an ambulance.

I guess it is really all about might making right. It's okay to kill the unborn because they're young and small and helpless, and it's okay to nearly cripple an old man because he's weak and fragile. It's all about the young, strong, and healthy getting whatever the hell they want, regardless of the cost to anybody else.

Thank you, Hillcrest and the Harrisburg police department for clearing that up.

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