Monday, December 31, 2007

Searches: Llewelyn Crooks, phony docs, and an abortion suicide

  • Llewelyn Crooks lawsuit. Perhaps regarding the death of Brenda Banks? Brenda's uterus had been perforated and several major blood vessels had been cut or severed entirely during a safe and legal abortion performed by Crooks. Her survivors were unable to collect damages from Crooks and Hillcrest because Crooks' insurance company was insolvent, and Hillcrest carried no insurance.

  • phony docs. Alicia Hanna was passing herself off as a doctor when she performed the fatal abortion on Angela Sanchez. Barbara Lofton was passing herself off as a doctor at Maryland's notorious Hillview abortion mill, where Suzanne Logan and Debra Gray underwent their fatal abortions -- performed, ironically, by Gideon Kioko, who actually was a physician. I know there are other cases but I can't remember any of them offhand.

  • Haley Mason is the psuedonom Donetta Robben gave her niece, who committed suicide in 2001 in anguish over her abortion.
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