Monday, December 03, 2007

Searches: Perverts and quacks, for the most part

  • "bloody valentine murder 14 feb 2001 hamilton" -- That'd be Oklahmoa abortionist John Baxter Hamilton (pictured), who beat his wife, Susan, to death. A true friend to women, Dr. Hamilton.

  • Barbara Lofton was the self-styled "doctor" who ran Maryland's notorious Hillview abortion clinic, where Suzanne Logan and Debra Gray were fatally injured in their safe and legal abortions. Their reproductive health services provider, Gideon Kioko, tried to weasel out of his responsibility by pointing out that Lofton's staff had the women knocked out, spread-eagled, and on the table before he even walked into the procedure room. Ah, yes, another stalwart friend of women!

  • Steve Pine (I've seen his name spelled both Steven and Stephen) is the abortion provider who provided Belinda Byrd with her fatal abortion at Inglewood Women's Hospital in California. Pine also botched abortions on Shanti F. and possibly several other women, botched a D&C on Juana N., and a tubal ligation on Debra W., and abortions on Vicky R. and Betty M. at Inglewood.

  • Abu Hayat was the National Abortion Federation member who performed the fatal abortion on Sophie McCoy, ripped the arm off Ana Rosa Rodriguez while attempting to abort her at 32 weeks of gestation, sexually abused patients, and was generally such a seedy character that when I was working at Life Dynamics I quipped that even our hate mail was enclosing clippings about him. I'm gonna have to blow the dust off my files and write up all the cases. This guy was, ahem, a dedicated provider of vital reproductive health care services, that's for sure.

  • Hamid Hussain Sheikh is the Kentucky abortion provider who was recently indicted for Medicaid fraud.

  • Steve Infante remains a popular search. He's the 51-year-old Connecticut man indicted on charges relating to sexual abuse of a girl beginning when she was 14. He'd taken her for an abortion at age 17 to cover up the abuse.

  • Gail Mazo died after she aspirated vomit while under general anesthesia for a safe and legal abortion at Mt. Sinai in New York in 1979.

  • I'll be writing a page for Milan Chepko soon. He's one of the abortionists involved in child pornography over the years. Chepko perferred them young -- as young as four years old -- and belonged to (I am NOT making this up) the National and International Diaper Pail Foundation, a group of infantilists who liked to wear diapers, crap in them, and smear themselves with the excrement while masturbating. Definately an A-List party.
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